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What is Expertscape?

Expertscape objectively ranks people and and institutions by their expertise in more than 29,000 biomedical topics.

Read how we do it.   See sample topics.

Among these experts you may find:

  • A great physician -- to help you with your medical problem,
  • A great scientist -- to collaborate with you,
  • A great interview subject -- if you are a journalist,
  • A great expert witness -- if you are an attorney.

Any time you need an expert in a life science topic, Expertscape can help.

Get started now -- it's completely free, and there's no sign-up.

For scientists, please be sure to investigate our Recognition Program.

Who Needs Expertscape?


  • Anyone seeking a second opinion.
  • Anyone ill, wishing to change physicians.
  • Anyone with a rare or unusual condition.

Read our reasons for building Expertscape.


  • Physicians making an out-of-town referral.
  • Attorneys seeking expert witnesses.
  • Journalists seeking experts to interview.
  • Biomedical researchers seeking collaborations.
  • Journal editors seeking reviewers.

You've been around long enough to know that nothing beats a great brain. Find the people who can help you.


  • Hospitals or practice groups wanting to brag about their great people.

Your people are your greatest asset. Make it easy for patients around the world to discover and consult them. Target your advertising by medical condition and by geography.

Learn more about advertising and sponsorship programs. Also: Pharmaceutical programs, Physician programs.

Find an expert in YOUR medical problem

The flood of new medical knowledge means that one human brain can no longer know all of cardiology, all of oncology, or all of any traditional specialty. That is why today's most knowledgeable doctors now specialize in just a single disease or procedure.

Don't drain yourself playing the hit-and-miss game of visiting one physician after another before finding one that really knows about your medical condition or problem.

When your problem is difficult or unusual, you want to consult someone who really knows their stuff. Expertscape helps you find that someone -- across the world, or near you.

Expertscape's database of 29,000 different topics can point you to the world, national, or local experts for any medical condition or problem, no matter how unusual. Search on a disease, a symptom, or any other biomedical topic.

It's free. Give it a try!

Click a medical condition at right

Or, see our big list of medical topics.

Or, type your own topic into the search box at the top of the page.

How It Works -- Under the Hood

We believe that no one is an expert at anything unless they are investigating the leading edge of knowledge and are writing about it. So, Expertscape bases its rankings on scientific publications.

For any given topic, Expertscape follows these steps:

  1. It searches the PubMed database to find all the medical journal articles published about the topic in the past ten years.
  2. It assigns a score to each article, based on the article's year of publication (recent is better), the article's type (guidelines and reviews, for example, count more than letters to the editor), and the journal in which the article appeared (some journals are better than others).
  3. It assigns a score to each author of the article (first author scores higher than second author).
  4. It determines the institution, if possible, from which the article appeared.
  5. It tallies the scores for all articles, authors, institutions, cities, regions, and countries, and then graphically outputs the results on web pages.

Thus, Expertscape's rankings are 100% objective, with no elements of a popularity contest, nor any way for an institution to spin marketing dollars into a higher ranking.

Furthermore, the experts listed by Expertscape have demonstrated their expertise by putting their knowledge on paper and getting it through the rigorous review process that characterizes scientific publication. Of course, you will still need to research the experts to find whether they suit your needs -- we offer hints on how to do that.

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How To Use It

Our short videos provide step-by-step examples for using Expertscape.

The best approach has four simple steps:

  1. Choose and review a topic. A "topic" is usually a disease or medical condition, but may be a symptom or any other biomedical topic. Expertscape is very detailed, so you'll want to review the topic and its close relatives to ensure you're using the topic you really intend.
  2. List experts in the topic. Expertscape ranks experts according to their level of demonstrated expertise, from top to bottom. It presents those results to you in lists.
  3. Choose and examine an expert. (Usually repeated.) Not every expert will be right for you. So you will probably have to examine several before you find the one suiting you best. Expertscape helps you do this by classifying experts according to their geographic location, by showing you their published research papers, and by letting you save and share candidate experts with anyone advising you.
  4. Contact the expert that is best for you. When you decide a particular expert is worth contacting, Expertscape gives you tools to quickly find his or her office location and telephone number.

The next steps are up to you!

There are other ways to use Expertscape. For example, many people use it as a research tool. Not only does Expertscape list scientific articles about specific biomedical topics, but it orders the list so the most helpful types of articles are at the top. Our videos give an example.

We have exciting plans for the future of Expertscape. Be sure to check back often!

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