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HIV Seropositivity HELP
Based on 5,559 articles since 2006

These are the 5559 published articles about HIV Seropositivity that originated from Worldwide during 2006-2015.
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1 Guideline Position statement on the use of antiretroviral therapy to reduce HIV transmission, January 2013: the British HIV Association (BHIVA) and the Expert Advisory Group on AIDS (EAGA). 2013

Fidler, S / Anderson, J / Azad, Y / Delpech, V / Evans, C / Fisher, M / Gazzard, B / Gill, N / Lazarus, L / Lowbury, R / Orton, K / Osoro, B / Radcliffe, K / Smith, B / Churchill, D / Rogstad, K / Cairns, G. ·Imperial College London, London, UK. s.fidler@imperial.ac.uk · ·HIV Med · Pubmed #23489936.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

2 Guideline Guidance on vaccination of HIV-infected children in Europe. 2012

Menson, E N / Mellado, M J / Bamford, A / Castelli, G / Duiculescu, D / Marczyńska, M / Navarro, M L / Scherpbier, H J / Heath, P T / Anonymous5030718 / Anonymous5040718 / Anonymous5050718. ·Department of General Paediatrics, Evelina Children's Hospital @St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK. esse.menson@gstt.nhs.uk · ·HIV Med · Pubmed #22296225.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

3 Guideline British HIV Association and British Infection Association guidelines for the treatment of opportunistic infection in HIV-seropositive individuals 2011. 2011

Nelson, Mark / Dockrell, David / Edwards, Simon / Anonymous1980695 / Angus, Brian / Barton, Simon / Beeching, Nick / Bergin, Colm / Boffito, Marta / Breen, Ronan / Cartledge, Jonathan / Clarke, Susan / Fisher, Martin / Freedman, Andrew / Gazzard, Brian / Grant, Alison / Greig, Julia / Jones, Rachael / Khoo, Saye / Leen, Clifford / Lipman, Marc / Manji, Hadi / Miller, Robert / Mitchell, Suzanne / Ong, Ed / Pozniak, Anton / Schmid, Matthias / Shiew, Marianne / Singer, Mervyn / Wilkins, Ed / Williams, Ian / Wood, Chris / Weston, Rosy. ·British HIV Association, BHIVA Secretariat, Mediscript Ltd, 1 Mountview Court, 310 Friern Barnet Lane, London N20 0LD, UK. · ·HIV Med · Pubmed #21851517.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

4 Guideline Moving toward assured access to treatment in microbicide trials. Global Campaign for Microbicides. 2006

Forbes, Anna. ·Global Campaign for Microbicides, Washington, DC, USA. asforbes@path-dc.org ·PLoS Med · Pubmed #16805648.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

5 Editorial Morbidity and mortality of black HIV-positive patients with end-stage kidney disease receiving chronic haemodialysis in South Africa. 2015

Wearne, Nicola. ·Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa. nicola.wearne@uct.ac.za. ·S Afr Med J · Pubmed #26242526.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

6 Editorial Overcoming Impediments to Global Implementation of Early Antiretroviral Therapy. 2015

Abdool Karim, Salim S. ·From the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa; and the Department of Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York. ·N Engl J Med · Pubmed #26193047.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

7 Editorial The HIV-positive transplant donor--change born of necessity. 2015

Ingelfinger, Julie R / Rubin, Eric J. ·From the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston (E.J.R.). · ·N Engl J Med · Pubmed #25671260.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

8 Editorial Australia's Seventh National HIV Strategy and the AIDS 2014 Legacy Statement. 2014

Crooks, Levinia / Kidd, Michael R. ·Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Levinia.Crooks@ashm.org.au. · Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University, Adelaide, SA, Australia. ·Med J Aust · Pubmed #25163362.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

9 Editorial Time to reconsider transplant criteria for candidacy? Lung transplantation feasibility in HIV-infected patients. 2014

George, M Patricia. ·Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ·Ann Am Thorac Soc · Pubmed #25032871.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

10 Editorial Realizing the potential for HIV self-testing. 2014

Johnson, C / Baggaley, R / Forsythe, S / van Rooyen, H / Ford, N / Napierala Mavedzenge, S / Corbett, E / Natarajan, P / Taegtmeyer, M. ·World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, johnsonc@who.int. · ·AIDS Behav · Pubmed #24986599.

ABSTRACT: HIV self-testing (HIVST), a process in which an individual performs a HIV rapid diagnostic test and interprets the result in private, is an emerging approach that is well accepted, potentially cost-effective and empowering for those who may not otherwise test. To further explore the potential of HIVST, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and World Health Organization held the first global symposium on the legal, ethical, gender, human rights and public health implications of HIVST. The meeting highlighted the potential of HIVST to increase access to and uptake of HIV testing, and emphasized the need to further develop evidence around the quality of HIVST and linkage to post-test services, and to assess the risks and the benefits associated with scale-up. This special issue of AIDS and Behavior links directly to the symposium and presents some of the latest research and thinking on the scale-up of HIV self-testing.

11 Editorial Why are we still, 20 years later, depriving human immunodeficiency virus-serodiscordant couples of equal access to fertility care? 2014

Moragianni, Vasiliki A. ·Fertility Solutions, Dedham, Massachusetts. ·Fertil Steril · Pubmed #24931207.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

12 Editorial Surveillance of HIV in the United States and England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland: what have we learned and what do we do about it? 2014

Gay, Cynthia / Adimora, Ada / Miller, William / Cohen, Myron S. ·From the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC. · ·Sex Transm Dis · Pubmed #24622639.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

13 Editorial The changing landscape of HIV-related lung disease: non-AIDS lung malignancy as a player in the field. 2014

Gingo, Matthew R. ·Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. ·Respirology · Pubmed #24620759.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

14 Editorial EEG biomarkers of NeuroAIDS. 2014

Ishii, Ryouhei / Canuet, Leonides. ·Department of Psychiatry, Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine, 2-2 D3, Yamada-oka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan. Electronic address: ishii@psy.med.osaka-u.ac.jp. · Centre for Biomedical Technology, Department of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, Complutense University of Madrid, UPM, Madrid, Spain. ·Clin Neurophysiol · Pubmed #24560134.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

15 Editorial Health in austerity: hard decisions for hard times. 2014

Anonymous2080774. · ·Lancet · Pubmed #24560044.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

16 Editorial Circumcision - follow-up or not? 2014

Hegarty, Paul K. ·Mater Private, Cork, Ireland. paulhego@hotmail.com. ·BJU Int · Pubmed #24330056.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

17 Editorial Determinants of childhood mortality. 2013

Hodge, Andrew / Jimenez-Soto, Eliana. ·School of Population Health, University of Queensland, Herston, QLD 4006, Australia. · ·BMJ · Pubmed #24212108.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

18 Editorial Disclosure of positive HIV status: a public health issue? 2013

Remis, Robert. ·University of Toronto. editor@cpha.ca. ·Can J Public Health · Pubmed #24183174.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

19 Editorial Testing times for HIV. 2013

Weber, Jonathan / Tatoud, Roger. ·Wright-Fleming Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London W2 1PG, UK. · ·BMJ · Pubmed #24048300.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

20 Editorial Freedoms and rights. 2013

Hancocks, Stephen. · ·Br Dent J · Pubmed #23969638.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

21 Editorial HPV vaccination to prevent anal cancer in men who have sex with men. 2013

Lawton, Mark D / Nathan, Mayura / Asboe, David. · ·Sex Transm Infect · Pubmed #23858494.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

22 Editorial Learning from drug changes in antiretroviral therapy. 2013

Blanco, Julià / Clotet, Bonaventura. · ·AIDS · Pubmed #23719352.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

23 Editorial Does Antiretroviral Therapy Interfere With the Treatment of Trichomonas vaginalis Among HIV+ Women? 2013

Kissinger, Patricia / Adamski, Alys / Clark, Rebecca A / Mena, Leandro / Levison, Judy / Martin, David H. · ·Sex Transm Dis · Pubmed #23677024.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

24 Editorial Mycoplasma Genitalium infection in sub-Saharan Africa: how big is the problem? 2013

Manhart, Lisa E / McClelland, R Scott. · ·Sex Transm Dis · Pubmed #23584806.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

25 Editorial Vital signs: HIV infection, testing, and risk behaviors among youths--United States. 2013

Anonymous500740. · ·Am J Transplant · Pubmed #23356897.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: In 2009, 6.7% of the estimated 1.1 million persons living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in the United States were youths (defined in this report as persons aged 13-24 years); more than half of youths with HIV (59.5%) were unaware of their infection. METHODS: CDC used National HIV Surveillance System data to estimate, among youths, prevalence rates of -diagnosed HIV infection in 2009 and the number of new infections (incidence) in 2010. To assess the -prevalence of risk factors and HIV testing among youths, CDC used the 2009 and 2011 Youth Risk -Behavior Surveillance -System for 9th-12th grade students and the 2010 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) for persons 18-24 years. RESULTS: Prevalence of diagnosed HIV was 69.5 per 100,000 youths at the end of 2009. Youths accounted for 12,200 (25.7%) new HIV infections in 2010. Of these, 7,000 (57.4%) were among blacks/African Americans, 2,390 (19.6%) among Hispanics/Latinos, and 2,380 (19.5%) among whites; 8,800 (72.1%) were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact. The percentage of youths tested for HIV overall was 12.9% among high school students and 34.5% among those aged 18-24 years; it was lower among males than females, and lower among whites and Hispanics/Latinos than blacks/African Americans. CONCLUSIONS: A disproportionate number of new HIV -infections occurs among youths, especially blacks/African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and men who have sex with men (MSM). The percentage of youths tested for HIV, however, was low, particularly among males. Implications for Public Health: More effort is needed to provide effective school- and community-based interventions to ensure all youths, particularly MSM, have the knowledge, skills, resources, and support necessary to avoid HIV infection. Health-care providers and public health agencies should ensure that youths are tested for HIV and have -access to sexual health services, and that HIV-positive youths receive ongoing health-care and prevention services.