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Based on 20,002 articles published since 2008

These are the 20002 published articles about Infertility that originated from Worldwide during 2008-2019.
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476 Editorial Fertility preservation techniques: laboratory and clinical progress and current issues. 2008

Anderson, R A. · ·Reproduction · Pubmed #19074212.

ABSTRACT: Human fertility is dependent on maturation of germ cells through meiosis and their association with supporting cells, which in the female are also the source of sex steroids. These processes are sensitive to both chemotherapy and radiotherapy thus can be damaged by anti-cancer treatments. The uterus is also sensitive to radiotherapy. Our understanding of and the ability to manipulate fertility has increased together with survival rates from many cancers, particularly those affecting children, younger men, and women. The growth of interest in fertility preservation for cancer patients is a natural union of these two fields. Sperm banking has been available for many years, and is a recognized and evidence-based option for men that should be available to all. Options for women and pre-pubertal boys and girls are, however, more experimental, other than for women of committing oocytes to fertilization and cryopreservation as embryos. This Focus Issue of Reproduction aims to address the current status of some of the clinical and laboratory aspects of this burgeoning subspecialty to highlight not only areas of progress but also areas of uncertainty where future developments are required to allow the provision of accurate information, and safe and effective treatments.

477 Editorial 30 years of IVF: what does the future hold? 2008

Check, Jerome H. · ·Womens Health (Lond) · Pubmed #19072493.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

478 Editorial The brain and the menstrual cycle. 2008

Berga, Sarah L. · ·Gynecol Endocrinol · Pubmed #19012094.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

479 Editorial Florence-Utah Symposium corner: from genetics to epigenetics of male infertility. 2008

Krausz, C / Sassone-Corsi, P. · ·Int J Androl · Pubmed #19009694.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

480 Editorial Genital tuberculosis: a new challenge in an old disease. 2008

Nissapatorn, Veeranoot. · ·South Med J · Pubmed #19005453.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

481 Editorial New perspectives in medically assisted procreation. 2008

Simon, Carlos. · ·Gynecol Endocrinol · Pubmed #18958765.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

482 Editorial Kurt T. Barnhart, M.D., M.S.C.E. 2008

Carr, Bruce R. ·Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA. ·Semin Reprod Med · Pubmed #18825603.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

483 Editorial Ovulation suppression to protect against chemotherapy-induced ovarian toxicity: helpful or just hopeful? 2008

Hughes, Edward G / Neal, Michael S. · ·Hum Reprod Update · Pubmed #18824494.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

484 Editorial [Robot-assisted surgery and female infertility]. 2008

Dechaud, H. · ·J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris) · Pubmed #18804921.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

485 Editorial How involved should the general urologist be in the evaluation and management of male infertility? 2008

Sigman, Mark. · ·J Urol · Pubmed #18801523.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

486 Editorial Individualizing infertility therapy with pharmacogenomics: vanity or vanguard? 2008

Legro, Richard S. · ·Pharmacogenomics · Pubmed #18781843.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

487 Editorial [Thirteenth annual meeting of the Fédération Française d'Etude de la Reproduction (FFER), 17-19 September 2008]. 2008

Poirot, C / Anonymous39510607 / Anonymous39520607 / Anonymous39530607. · ·Gynecol Obstet Fertil · Pubmed #18765205.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

488 Editorial Preface: from infertility treatment to reproductive health. 2008

Cetin, Irene / Levi Setti, Paolo Emanuele / Desoye, Gernot / Michael Nelson, D. · ·Placenta · Pubmed #18757095.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

489 Editorial Human reproduction. 2008

Anonymous680606. · ·Hum Reprod · Pubmed #18710842.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

490 Editorial Elucidating the genetics of male infertility: understanding transcriptional and translational regulatory networks involved in spermatogenesis. 2008

Carrell, D T. · ·Int J Androl · Pubmed #18710407.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

491 Editorial Treatment of unexplained infertility. 2008

El-Toukhy, Tarek A / Khalaf, Yacoub. · ·BMJ · Pubmed #18687719.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

492 Editorial Parental translocations and the need for PGD? Distorting effects of ascertainment bias and the need for information-rich families. 2008

McDonough, Paul G. · ·Fertil Steril · Pubmed #18678374.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

493 Editorial Life after SuperBabe. 2008

Anonymous6190603. · ·Nature · Pubmed #18633362.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

494 Editorial The need for a father: mixed messages in the UK's new legislation on gamete donors? 2008

Ahuja, Kamal. · ·Reprod Biomed Online · Pubmed #18616882.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

495 Editorial A 59-year-old woman gives birth to twins--when should a fertility specialist refuse treatment? 2008

Check, J H. · ·Clin Exp Obstet Gynecol · Pubmed #18581760.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To review cases of infertility where despite extremely low odds of success and potential risks to the woman if she became pregnant or to the fetus, the couples elected to take a chance to fulfill their dreams of having a baby. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Six cases are described: case 1, a 59-year-old woman with hyperstimulation and intramuscular fibroids compressing the uterine cavity who wanted to be a donor egg recipient; case 2, a 59-year-old woman desiring a second transfer of sibling frozen embryos who had previously conceived with donor eggs at age 57; case 3, a 33-year-old woman with a subseptated uterus and cervical abnormality from intrauterine diethilstibesterol exposure plus hemoaphilia trait, and only 25% of her liver remaining from a previous partial liver resection; case 4, a woman with an unicornuate uterus refusing reduction of her twins to a singleton; case 5, a 39-year-old woman willing to try again to have her first live born child with a history of a large macroprolactinoma that was resected but markedly enlarged in her previous pregnancy despite bromocryptine therapy; and, case 6, a woman willing to try a unique experimental therapy with extremely high thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins to inhibit severe intrauterine growth retardation and potential premature synostosis for her condition of Hashimoto's disease. RESULTS: Cases 2-5 all had successful outcomes. Case 1 was never given the chance for donor oocytes since she was rejected by a majority vote of our physicians because of the fear of a malpractice suit. DISCUSSION: If a couple understands the potential risks and the low odds of success, they should be given the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of having a baby. However, treating physicians are under no obligation to take malpractice risks.

496 Editorial The Journal of Reproductive Medicine. A note from the Editor-in-Chief. 2008

Devoe, Lawrence D. · ·J Reprod Med · Pubmed #18567274.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

497 Editorial Enhancement of human sperm motility. 2008

Wald, Moshe. · ·J Urol · Pubmed #18550108.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

498 Editorial Metformin in the treatment of infertility in polycystic ovarian syndrome: an alternative perspective. 2008

Nestler, John E. · ·Fertil Steril · Pubmed #18550055.

ABSTRACT: This editorial discusses the recent European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology/American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommendations on the treatment of infertility in polycystic ovarian syndrome. Evidence is provided for the use of metformin in selected patients.

499 Editorial Fertility preservation: a vital survivorship issue for young women with breast cancer. 2008

Partridge, Ann H. · ·J Clin Oncol · Pubmed #18509170.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --

500 Editorial How much infertility does chlamydia cause? 2008

Garnett, Geoff P. · ·Sex Transm Infect · Pubmed #18508989.

ABSTRACT: -- No abstract --