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Melanoma: HELP
Articles by C. Hennequin
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Between 2010 and 2020, C. Hennequin wrote the following article about Melanoma.
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1 Guideline [Radiotherapy of skin cancers]. 2016

Hennequin, C / Rio, E / Mahé, M-A. ·Service de cancérologie-radiothérapie, hôpital Saint-Louis, 1, avenue Claude-Vellefeaux, 75475 Paris, France. Electronic address: christophe.hennequin2@aphp.fr. · Institut de cancérologie de l'Ouest-René-Gauducheau, boulevard Jacques-Monod, 44805 Saint-Herblain, France. ·Cancer Radiother · Pubmed #27522189.

ABSTRACT: The indications of radiotherapy for skin cancers are not clearly defined because of the lack of randomised trials or prospective studies. For basal cell carcinomas, radiotherapy frequently offers a good local control, but a randomized trial showed that surgery is more efficient and less toxic. Indications of radiotherapy are contra-indications of surgery for patients older than 60, non-sclerodermiform histology and occurring in non-sensitive areas. Adjuvant radiotherapy could be proposed to squamous cell carcinomas, in case of poor prognostic factors. Dose of 60 to 70Gy are usually required, and must be modulated to the size of the lesions. Adjuvant radiotherapy seems beneficial for desmoplastic melanomas but not for the other histological types. Prophylactic nodal irradiation (45 to 50Gy), for locally advanced tumours (massive nodal involvement), decreases the locoregional failure rate but do not increase survival. Adjuvant radiotherapy (50 to 56Gy) for Merckel cell carcinomas increases also the local control rate, as demonstrated by meta-analysis and a large epidemiological study. Nodal areas must be included, if there is no surgical exploration (sentinel lymph node dissection). Kaposi sarcomas are radiosensitive and could be treated with relatively low doses (24 to 30Gy). Also, cutaneous lymphomas are good indications for radiotherapy: B lymphomas are electively treated with limited fields. The role of total skin electron therapy for T-lymphomas is still discussed; but palliative radiotherapy is very efficient in case of cutaneous nodules.