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Osteoporosis: HELP
Articles by Neville Azzopardi
Based on 2 articles published since 2010
(Why 2 articles?)

Between 2010 and 2020, N. Azzopardi wrote the following 2 articles about Osteoporosis.
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1 Article Risk factors for osteoporosis in Crohn's disease: infliximab, corticosteroids, body mass index, and age of onset. 2013

Azzopardi, Neville / Ellul, Pierre. ·Division of Gastroenterology, Mater Dei Hospital (Malta), Mellieha, Malta. oldcharm@onvol.net ·Inflamm Bowel Dis · Pubmed #23511037.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: We analyzed the characteristics associated with increased risk of osteoporosis in patients with Crohn's disease in Malta. METHOD: Eighty-three patients with histologically and endoscopically confirmed Crohn's disease underwent a DEXA bone density scan and their phenotypic characteristics were analyzed. RESULTS: There was a significant association between body mass index and bone mineral density (P = 0.004) and a significant difference in the T scores of patients according to age at diagnosis (Montreal Classification: P = 0.0006) with patients diagnosed <17 years (n = 13) having lower T scores than those diagnosed at older age groups (n = 70). There was a significant difference between the T scores of patients on infliximab (n = 33) and those not on biological therapy (n = 50, P = 0.0058). Patients with high cumulative corticosteroid doses (>10 mg/d for >3 mo, n = 18) had lower bone mineral densities than patients who received smaller corticosteroid doses (P = 0.013). There was however no significant difference in the T scores of patients according to disease location (P = 0.18), disease type (P = 0.64), gender (P = 0.30), and history of ileal resection (P = 0.68). There was also no significant correlation between disease duration and T scores (hip) (P = 0.61). CONCLUSIONS: Low body mass index, early disease onset, high corticosteroid doses and, anti-tumor necrosis factor α therapy are associated with increased risk of osteoporosis. Lower T scores in patients on infliximab occur as patients receiving this therapy have more severe inflammation, which is associated with elevated osteoclastogenic factors, rather than as a side-effect of the anti-tumor necrosis factor-α therapy.

2 Minor Letter: abnormal bone densitometry in patients with coeliac disease -beyond malabsorption and sunlight exposure. 2016

Ellul, P / Schembri, J / Torpiano, P / Borg, J / Azzopardi, N. ·Gastroenterology, Mater Dei Hospital, Tal Qroqq, Malta. ellul.pierre@gmail.com. · Gastroenterology, Mater Dei Hospital, Tal Qroqq, Malta. ·Aliment Pharmacol Ther · Pubmed #26843349.

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