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Expertise in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: HELP
@ NIH Bethesda
Based on 78 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Anthony S Fauci is the top-rated expert in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at NIH Bethesda.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
US Federal Service
Washington area
US Dept of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health
NIH Bethesda
Fauci, Anthony S
Engels, Eric A
Shiels, Meredith S
Quinn, Thomas
Pfeiffer, Ruth M
Nabel, Gary
Brenchley, J M
Douek, Daniel
Bryant, Kendal
Dieffenbach, Carl W
Sereti, Irini
Masur, Henry
Laeyendecker, Oliver
Glass, Roger I
Eisinger, Robert W
Kagan, Jonathan M
Germain, Ronald N
Collins, Francis S
Qin, J
Read, Sarah
Godfrey, Catherine
Gallin, John I
Klatt, N R
Hirsch, Vanessa M
Allen, Mary
Sweeney, Daniel A
Killen, Jack
Lusso, Paolo
Reynolds, Steven J
Little, Richard F
Robbins, Hilary A
Grossman, Cynthia
Stoff, David M
Falcone, E Liana
Cargill, Victoria A
Canary, Lauren A
Wuchty, Stefan
Klingman, Karin L
Yu, Guoqin
Sharp, Gerald B
Purohit, Vishnudutt
DiNapoli, Sarah R
Williamson, P R
Roederer, Mario
Sierra, Felipe
Barrett, Lisa
Sanders-Beer, Brigitte E
Hodes, Richard J
Kohanski, Ronald A
Hsu, Denise C
Shapiro, Stuart Z
Lubega, Muhamadi
Siberry, George K
Plaeger, Susan F
Rausch, Dianne M
McDonald, David
Brown, Anissa J
Marci, Joe
Singh, Anjali
Okamoto, Janet
Fuldner, Rebecca
Green, Paige
Chege, W
Huebner, Robin
Macchiarini, Francesca
Gao, Rachel Yue
--Omitted 11 lower-scoring
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