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Expertise in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: HELP
@ Miscellaneous institutions in Washington, DC
Based on 114 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, John Stover is the top-rated expert in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at Miscellaneous institutions in Washington$dc.


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US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
District of Columbia
Washington area
Washington, DC
Miscellaneous institutions in Washington, DC
Stover, John
Valdiserri, Ronald O
Zuniga, José M
Hecht, Robert
Granich, Reuben
Hotez, Peter J
Charles, Vignetta
Amzel, Anouk
Watts, D Heather
Kerrigan, Deanna
Millett, Greg
Kuo, I
Over, Mead
Lyon, Maureen E
Silverman, Rachel
Glassman, Amanda
Angotti, Nicole
Opoku, Jenevieve
Wang, Jichuan
Stangl, Anne
Bouey, Paul
Siberry, George K
Collins, Chris
Allen, Mary
McCauley, Marybeth
Pensiero, Michael
Rida, Wasima
Fan, Victoria Y
Tun, W
Simonds, R J
Geibel, Scott
Jain, Aparna
Phelps, B R
Little, Kristen
Nelson, Ann Marie
Hasen, Nina
Gupta, Somya
Kharfen, Michael
Naik, Reshma
Vu, L
Jia, Yujiang
Mathur, Sanyukta
Shiffman, Jeremy
Machekano, Rhoderick
Robinson, Rachel Sullivan
Shawar, Yusra Ribhi
Schenk, Katie D
Packett, Bruce J
Ryckman, Theresa
Kieffer, Mary Pat
Nyberg, Beverly J
Thior, Ibou
Settergren, Susan K
Calloway, Denyce
Johns, Benjamin
Yamanis, Thespina J
Sawers, Larry
Stegman, Peter
Aylward, Patrick
Heaton, Laura M
Mykyta, Laryssa
Weiss, Ellen
Cooper, Bergen
Friedman, Eric
Marks, Lauren
Gay, Jill
--Omitted 88 lower-scoring
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