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Expertise in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: HELP
@ University College London
Based on 167 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, A Phillips is the top-rated expert in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at the University College London.


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United Kingdom
London, EN
University College London
UCL Medical School
Royal Free and University College Medical School
Institute of Child Health
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Institute of Neurology
Hospital for Tropical Diseases
Middlesex Hospital
Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital
Phillips, A
Sherr, L
Bärnighausen, Till
Mocroft, A
Turkova, A
Sabin, C
Klein, N
Reekie, Joanne
Porter, Kholoud
Johnson, M A
Aggleton, Peter
Jackson, Sarah E
Macedo, A
Miller, R F
Brown, Jamie
Tanser, Frank
Davis, Adrian
Johnson, A M
Cozzi-Lepri, Alessandro
Smith, Colette
de Oliveira, Tulio
West, Robert
Taylor, Steve
Pillay, D
Gibb, D
Mannell, Jenevieve
Ellis, Jayne
Scully, C
Judd, Ali
Hensels, I S
Zetterberg, H
Holloway, Catherine
Cowan, F
Lesica, Nicholas A
McCormick, A
Simmons, R
Adler, Michael
Gómez, Eduardo J
Groce, Nora
Baim-Lance, Abigail
Youle, M
Haddow, L J
Mehta, Kinjal
Mahon, Merle
Nastouli, E
Melendez-Torres, G J
Copas, A
Landsiedel, Julia
Whitlock, G
De Francesco, Davide
Frost, David M
Chappell, Elizabeth
Gilbert, Sam J
Zumla, Alimuddin
Khawla, Al Musalhi
Neuman, Melissa
Ahmed, Nadia
Heyderman, R S
Perski, Olga
Mebrahtu, H
Kotz, Daniel
McGowan, Jennifer A
Tariq, Shema
Macartney, M
Jose, S
Gilmartin, Julia F-M
--Omitted 110 lower-scoring
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