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Expertise in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: HELP
@ University of British Columbia
Based on 131 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Douglas K Owens is the top-rated expert in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at the University of British Columbia.


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Includes US states, etc.




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British Columbia
University of British Columbia
St. Paul's Hospital
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Vancouver General Hospital
Owens, Douglas K
Milloy, M J
Hogg, R
Montaner, J S G
Wood, Evan
Montaner, Julio
Kerr, T
Kanters, S
van der Kop, Mia L
Parashar, S
Lima, V
McNeil, R
Lester, Richard
Nosyk, Bohdan
Lachowsky, N J
Cui, Zishan
Cescon, A
Sereda, P
Shannon, K
Bansback, Nick
Gilbert, Mark
Min, J E
Brumme, Zabrina L
Samji, H
Salters, K
Collins, A B
Small, Will
Zang, Xiao
Yip, B
Buxton, Jane
Moore, D M
Zhang, Wendy
Rich, A
Zhang, W
Goldenberg, S M
Li, J
Forrest, Jamie I
Krebs, Emanuel
Eyawo, Oghenowede
Hull, Mark
Harrigan, P R
Ding, E
Patterson, Tom
Hayashi, Kanna
Bayoumi, Ahmed M
Palmer, A
Ti, L
Carter, Allison
Moore, David
Wiseman, S M
Armstrong, Heather L
Karamouzian, Mohammad
Wang, Linwei
Card, Kiffer G
Nolan, Seonaid
Patel, Anik
Trenaman, Logan
Lin, S Y
Guillemi, Silvia
Patterson, Sophie
Closson, K
Pick, N
Dong, Huiru
Marra, Carlo
Munro, Sarah
Nguyen, Paul
--Omitted 160 lower-scoring
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