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Expertise in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: HELP
@ Michigan
Based on 191 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Xiaomin Li is the top-rated expert in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in Michigan.


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US Eastern Zone
Ann Arbor
East Lansing
Miscellaneous cities in Michigan
Rochester, MI
Grand Rapids
University of Michigan
Wayne State University
Michigan State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Ann Arbor
Henry Ford Health System
Ann Arbor VA Center
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Detroit Receiving Hospital
Oakland University
Miscellaneous institutions in Detroit
Miscellaneous institutions in Grand Rapids
Miscellaneous institutions in East Lansing
Miscellaneous institutions in Kalamazoo
Spectrum Health System
Li, Xiaomin
Deeks, Steven
Chi, Peilian
Fleming, Paul J
Qiao, Shan
Bauermeister, José
Witteman, Holly O
Scherer, Laura D
Birbeck, G L
Fortenberry, J Dennis
Guo, Yan
Nguyen, Tran
Stephenson, Rob
Du, Hongfei
Fagerlin, Angela
Amico, K Rivet
Naar-King, Sylvie
Cohn, Jonathan
Harper, Gary W
Garcia-Retamero, Rocio
Stanton, Bonita
Merz, Lauren
Kazanjian, Powel
Miller, Robin L
Zikmund-Fisher, Brian J
Exe, Nicole
Malani, Preeti N
Kay, Emma Sophia
King, Elizabeth J
Cokely, Edward T
Wang, Min
Darbes, Lynae A
Purdie, Michele Parkhill
Sprague, Laurel
Reed, Sarah J
Zhang, Liying
Familiar, Itziar
Slatcher, Richard B
Yedidi, Ravikiran S
Krause, Denise D
Geng, Jie
Fuhrel-Forbis, Andrea
Wyrod, Robert
Zhao, Qun
Kovari, Ladislau C
Liu, Zhigang
McKee, Michael M
Sankar, Andrea
Zilioli, Samuele
Naar, Sylvie
Lacombe-Duncan, Ashley
Ruisenor-Escudero, Horacio
Eggly, Susan
Mojola, Sanyu A
May, Warren L
Chiaramonte, Danielle
Outlaw, Angulique
Pinto, R M
Cheng, Philip
MacDonell, Karen
Rizvi, Syed Monem
Kahn, Valerie C
Kalmbach, David A
Thomann, Matthew
Raghavan, Malini
Khumsaen, Natawan
--Omitted 207 lower-scoring
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