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Expertise in Alzheimer Disease: HELP
@ UK Dementia Research Institute
Based on 235 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, H Zetterberg is the top-rated expert in Alzheimer Disease at UK Dementia Research Institute.


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United Kingdom
UK Dementia Research Institute
Zetterberg, H
Blennow, K
De Strooper, B
Hardy, John
Fox, N C
Schott, J M
Spires-Jones, T
Sims, R
Guerreiro, Rita
Williams, Julie
Busche, M A
Henstridge, Christopher M
Cash, Dave
Bras, Jose
Lashley, Tammaryn
Cho, Kwangwook
Escott-Price, V
Heslegrave, A
Rubinsztein, D C
Mallucci, Giovanna
Herrmann, Abigail
Perry, V H
Hill, M J
Colom-Cadena, M
Jones, Lesley
Hardy, J
Toombs, J
Morgan, B P
Foiani, Martha
Wardlaw, J
Klenerman, David
Hesse, Raphael
Williams, J
Ivanov, Dobril
Murray, Christina E
Raybould, Rachel
Jackson, Rosemary
Lancaster, T
Shoai, M
Pickett, Eleanor
Rose, Jamie
Morgan, Angharad R
De, Suman
Valdes Hernandez, Maria
Baker, Emily
Katsinelos, Taxiarchis
Alibhai, James D
Touchard, Samuel
O'Hagan, Caroline
Heller, Carolin
Djajadikerta, Alvin
Milordini, Giulia
Cannavo, Claudia
Keshri, Swati
McCrory, Caoimhe
Zacco, Elsa
Leckey, C
Hardingham, Giles E
Monzón-Sandoval, Jimena
Sicorello, Alessandro
McColl, Barry W
Tzioras, M
King, Declan
Prestil, Ryan
Gillingwater, Thomas H
Horrocks, Mathew H
--Omitted 19 lower-scoring
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