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Expertise in Alzheimer Disease: HELP
@ University of California San Diego
Based on 384 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P Aisen is the top-rated expert in Alzheimer Disease at the University of California San Diego.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




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US Pacific Zone
San Diego
University of California San Diego
San Diego VA Hospital
Rady Children's Hospital
Aisen, P
Petersen, R C
Morris, J C
Fagan, A
Tanzi, R
Masliah, E
Fleisher, A
Salmon, D
Galasko, D
Feldman, H
Aarsland, Dag
Rafii, M
Koo, E H
McEvoy, L
Thomas, R G
Dale, A
Bondi, M W
Brewer, J
Raman, Rema
Holland, D
Donohue, M C
Rockenstein, E
Xia, Weiming
Lipton, S A
Steele, J W
Ballatore, Carlo
Grundman, Michael
Desikan, R S
Mausbach, B T
Crews, L
Rissman, Robert A
Arce, Fernando Teran
Fennema-Notestine, C
Ramachandran, Srinivasan
Adame, Anthony
Kim, Doo Y
Overk, Cassia
Goldstein, Lawrence S B
Thompson, W K
Lal, Ratnesh
Peavy, Guerry
Zhang, Can
Spencer, B
Mobley, William
Edland, S
Ubhi, Kiren
Ancoli-Israel, Sonia
Wierenga, C E
Hook, Vivian
Hagler, D J
Nation, Daniel A
Delano-Wood, L
Malinow, Roberto
Wagner, Steven L
Turner, R Scott
Roepke, Susan K
Nagahara, Alan H
Murphy, Claire
Jacobson, Mark W
Hansen, Lawrence
--Omitted 258 lower-scoring
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