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Expertise in Alzheimer Disease: HELP
@ Chicago
Based on 705 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, David A Bennett is the top-rated expert in Alzheimer Disease in Chicago.


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US Central Zone
Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center
Northwestern University
Miscellaneous institutions in Chicago
University of Illinois Chicago
University of Chicago
Chicago Medical School
Abbott Laboratories
Loyola University Chicago
North Chicago VA Hospital
Illinois Department of Public Health
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Hines VA Hospital
Bennett, David A
Schneider, J A
Vassar, R
Beach, T
Mufson, E J
Chen, Kewei
Wilson, R S
Carrillo, M
De Felice, F G
Counts, S E
Klein, W
Leurgans, S
Bigio, Eileen
Yu, Lei
Boyle, P A
Weintraub, Sandra
Lazarov, O
Thinakaran, G
Perez, S E
Buchman, A S
Evans, Denis A
Mesulam, M Marsel
Tai, Leon
Morris, M C
Choi, Se Hoon
Barnes, L
Stutzmann, Grace E
Arvanitakis, Z
Foroud, T
Snyder, Heather
Wang, Lei
Zhao, Jie
Shah, R C
Rademakers, R
LaDu, M
Wang, Yamin
Van-Eldik, Linda J
Viola, K L
Weuve, Jennifer
Sisodia, Sangram
Aggarwal, N T
Marr, R
Thies, William
Rogalski, E
Lal, Ratnesh
Morfini, G
Overk, Cassia
Decker, M
Chakroborty, Shreaya
Hartley, Dean
Liu, Wei
Kanaan, N M
Leow, Alex D
Bennett, D A
Geula, Changiz
Hendrix, James
He, Bin
Velasco, P T
Lacor, Pascale
Penzes, Peter
--Omitted 537 lower-scoring
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