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Expertise in Anxiety Disorders: HELP
@ British Columbia
Based on 154 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Steven Taylor is the top-rated expert in Anxiety Disorders in British Columbia.


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British Columbia
Miscellaneous cities in British Columbia
Prince George
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Children's Hospital
Simon Fraser University
Miscellaneous institutions in Vancouver
University of Victoria
Vancouver General Hospital
St. Paul's Hospital
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
University of Northern British Columbia
Taylor, Steven
Stewart, S E
Taylor, C T
Rachman, S
Alden, Lynn
Selles, Robert
Woody, Sheila
Misri, Shaila
Whittal, Maureen L
Cuttler, Carrie
Ogrodniczuk, John
Weinberg, Joanne
McGirr, Alexander
Fairbrother, Nichole
Cosco, Theodore
Miller, Lynn D
Abizadeh, Jasmin
Patterson, T
Leadbeater, Bonnie
Osuch, Elizabeth
Martinez, Y J
Vodermaier, Andrea
Jang, Kerry L
McKenney, Katherine
Linden, Wolfgang
Hellemans, Kim G C
Richardson, J D
Koh, Jun
Leung, Aldrich
Tremlett, Helen
Belschner, Laura
Lin, Sarah
Chan, Elaine
Joseph, K S
Sochting, Ingrid
Goldner, E
Trew, Jennifer L
Lam, Vivian Y Y
Pakula, Basia
Yu, Wayne
Shumka, Ellen
Hoppmann, Christiane
Piper, William E
Razaz, Neda
Raineki, Charlis
O'Rourke, Norm
Taylor, S
Bleakley, Clare
Baker, Heather
Jaspers-Fayer, Fern
Anderson, James
LeMoult, Joelle
Kealy, David
Shoveller, Jean
Walsh, Zach
Lee, Grace
Ronsley, Rebecca
Carpiano, Richard
Ratner, Pamela A
Helgadottir, Fjola
Aiken, Audrey
Garland, E Jane
Janssen, Patricia
Thordarson, Dana S
Ellis, Linda
Simpson, Annie
--Omitted 125 lower-scoring
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