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Expertise in Anxiety Disorders: HELP
@ Montreal
Based on 264 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Adam S Radomsky is the top-rated expert in Anxiety Disorders in Montreal.


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McGill University
Universite de Montreal
Miscellaneous institutions in Montreal
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Douglas Mental Health University Institute
CHU Sainte Justine
Montreal Neurological Institute
Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal
CHU Montreal
Montreal Heart Institute
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal
Sir Mortimer B Davis Jewish General Hospital
Lady Davis Research Institute
SHERPA-Institut Universitaire
Hopital Riviere-des-Prairies
Ecole Polytechnique
St. Mary's Hospital Center
Radomsky, Adam S
O'Connor, Kieron
Marchand, Andre
Aardema, Frederick
Grenier, Sébastien
Levy, Hannah C
Lavoie, K
Bacon, Simon L
Dugas, Michel
Schmitz, Norbert
Roberge, Pasquale
Sookman, Debbie
Foldes-Busque, Guillaume
Berlim, Marcelo T
Mantere, O
Weinberg, Anna
Bélanger, C
Deschênes, S S
Van den Eynde, F
Ellenbogen, Mark
Chauny, Jean-Marc
Meng, Xiangfei
Castellanos-Ryan, Natalie
Ouimet, Allison J
Moskowitz, D S
Dion, Y
Russell, J J
Perreault, Michel
Alcolado, Gillian M
Wong, Shiu F
O'Leary-Barrett, Maeve
Zuroff, D C
Chouinard, Guy
Boudreau, Maxine
Lespérance, Paul
Pelland, Marie-Ève
Kopala-Sibley, Daniel C
Conrod, P
Fournier, Louise
Julien, Dominic
Audet, Jean-Sébastien
Auerbach, R P
Lessard, Marie-Josée
Rappaport, Lance M
Denis, Isabelle
Lesage, Alain
Low, Nancy C P
Young, S N
Elliott, Corinna M
Roy, Élise
Anderson, Kristin G
Milosevic, Irena
Jutras-Aswad, Didier
Rouleau, G A
Burns, Rachel J
Chouinard, S
Dunkley, David M
Hodgins, Sheilagh
Chartier-Otis, Mariko
Diodati, Jean
Duhoux, Arnaud
Chachamovich, Eduardo
Cartier, Andre
Frasure-Smith, Nancy
Favreau, Helene
Laurin, Catherine
--Omitted 281 lower-scoring
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