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Expertise in Anxiety Disorders: HELP
@ Toronto
Based on 377 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Martin M Antony is the top-rated expert in Anxiety Disorders in Toronto.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










University of Toronto
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
University Health Network of Toronto
St. Michael's Hospital
Hospital for Sick Children
Ryerson University
Miscellaneous institutions in Toronto
Toronto Western Hospital
York University
Baycrest Toronto
Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto
Rotman Research Institute Baycrest
Toronto General Hospital
Women's College Hospital
Princess Margaret Hospital
Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Ontario Cancer Institute
Antony, Martin M
Rector, Neil A
Battaglia, M
Manassis, Katharina
Richter, M A
Arnold, P
Westra, Henny
Davies, S
Katzman, M A
Goldstein, B I
Kennedy, J L
McIntyre, Roger S
Carvalho, A F
Wu, Ke
Ravindran, Lakshmi
Collimore, Kelsey C
Koerner, Naomi
Schaffer, Ayal
Dennis, C-L
Rehm, Jürgen
Flint, Alastair
Laposa, Judith M
Lev-Ran, Shaul
Sandor, Paul
Ravindran, Arun
Lipsman, N
Müller, D J
Cassin, S
Aviram, Adi
Burton, Christie L
Lozano, A M
Le Foll, Bernard
Furtado, M
Kronenberg, Sefi
Zai, G
Kuo, Janice R
Tiwari, A
De Luca, V
Szatmari, Peter
Dozois, David J A
Hawley, Lance L
Dupuis, Annie
Schachar, Russell
Le Strat, Yann
Mendlowitz, Sandra
Ameis, Stephanie
Fuller-Thomson, E
Brandl, E J
Kahan, Meldon
Crosbie, Jennifer
Fracalanza, Katie
Sockalingam, S
Vickers, Kristin
Hara, Kimberley M
Button, Melissa L
Abi-Jaoude, Elia
Giacobbe, P
Kennedy, Sidney
Angus, Lynne
Radhu, Natasha
Falah-Hassani, K
Tyndale, R F
Boileau, Isabelle
Monga, Suneeta
Daros, Alexander R
Gorman, Daniel A
--Omitted 428 lower-scoring
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