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Expertise in Autistic Disorder: HELP
@ Minneapolis-St. Paul
Based on 50 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Hossein Fatemi is the top-rated expert in Autistic Disorder in Minneapolis-St. Paul.


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US Central Zone
Minneapolis-St. Paul
University of Minnesota
Miscellaneous institutions in Minneapolis-St. Paul
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Hennepin County Medical Center
Fatemi, S Hossein
Folsom, Timothy D
Elison, J T
Mendelsohn, Nancy J
Wolff, Jason J
Golnik, Allison
Reichle, Joe
Semrud-Clikeman, Margaret
Bergmann, Paul
Jiang, Yuhong V
Ho, J
Grissom, N M
Wey, Andrew
Esler, Amy
Capistrano, Christian G
Jacob, S
Palm, Bryce E
Dalrymple, Kirsten A
Hagen, Solveig L
Sullivan, Amanda L
Yu, Luodi
Stronach, Sheri
Yang, Yi
Moore, Timothy R
Wall, Natalie
Sadeh, Shanna
Grey, Katherine R
Olin, Andrea Rachelle
Shapiro, Elsa G
Mentz, Emily
Westdal, June
Nestrasil, Igor
Zhang, Yang
Ahmed, Alia
Thompson, Travis
Wolff, Emily R
Passow, Courtney N
Madlon-Kay, Diane J
Schema, Lynn
McGaugh, Suzanne E
Rudser, Kyle R
Delaney, Kathleen A
Konia, Mojca Remskar
Bessette Gorlin, Jocelyn
Rumsey, Robin K
McAlpine, Cynthia Peden
Gottesman, I I
Garwick, Ann
Whitley, Chester B
Wieling, Elizabeth
Potegal, Michael
Min, Cheol-Hong
Pisansky, M T
Young, A E
O'Connor, M B
Bagchi, A
Gewirtz, J C
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