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Expertise in Autistic Disorder: HELP
@ Sacramento Davis
Based on 202 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J Crawley is the top-rated expert in Autistic Disorder in Sacramento Davis.


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US Pacific Zone
San Francisco Bay area
Sacramento Davis
University of California Davis
Miscellaneous institutions in Sacramento Davis
California Department of Public Health
Shriners Hospital for Children Northern California
California State University Sacramento
Crawley, J
Rogers, S
LaSalle, Janine
Ashwood, P
Van de Water, J
Hagerman, R
Silverman, J L
Schumann, C
Hertz-Picciotto, I
Amaral, D
Stahmer, Aubyn
Hansen, R
Ozonoff, S
Yang, Mu
Vismara, L
Corbett, Blythe
Solomon, Marjorie
Mundy, Peter
Tassone, Flora
Young, G
Pessah, I
Braunschweig, D
Grether, Judith
Goodlin-Jones, Beth
Vivanti, Giacomo
Koldewyn, Kami
Careaga, Milo
Anders, Thomas
Enstrom, Amanda
Hormozdiari, Fereydoun
Martínez-Cerdeño, Verónica
Vogel-Ciernia, Annie
Onore, Charity
Abbeduto, L
Krakowiak, P
Ariza, Jeanelle
Yasui, Dag H
Goines, Paula
Kazdoba, T M
Giulivi, Cecilia
Noctor, Stephen
Windham, Gayle C
Zerbo, O
McDuffie, Andrea
Bertoglio, Kiah
Martin, Loren
Hessl, D
Walker, C
Hashemi, Ezzat
Rivera, Susan M
Colombi, Costanza
Camacho, Jasmin
Schroeder, Diane I
Bauman, M D
Heuer, L
Green, Peter G
Miguel, Caio F
Sitnick, Stephanie L
Schwichtenberg, A J
Kharrazi, M
Estes, Myka L
Sharp, Frank
Rogers, Haille
Kaushik, Gaurav
Thurman, Angela John
McAllister, A Kimberley
--Omitted 128 lower-scoring
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