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Expertise in Autistic Disorder: HELP
@ Sydney
Based on 76 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Elizabeth Pellicano is the top-rated expert in Autistic Disorder in Sydney.


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University of Sydney
Macquarie University
Westmead Hospital
University of New South Wales
Australian Catholic University
Miscellaneous institutions in Sydney
Western Sydney University
University of Technology
Australian Catholic University of Melbourne
Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney
St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
St. George Hospital
Pellicano, Elizabeth
Howlin, P
Guastella, A J
Begeer, Sander
Hickie, I
Williams, Katrina
Cashin, Andrew
Einfeld, S
Chiang, Hsu-Min
Grove, Rachel
Wilson, C Ellie
Trembath, David
Newman, Claire
Zhou, Peng
Wilson, Peter
Silove, Natalie
Hines, Monique
Simpson, Kate
Lévy, Florence
Yatawara, C J
Joosten, Annette
Demetriou, E A
Crain, Stephen
Song, Y J C
Lampit, A
Quintana, D S
Hwang, Ye
Davenport, T A
Naismith, S L
Caeyenberghs, Karen
Randall, Melinda
Cai, Weidong
McCabe, Kathryn
Lim, Chai K
McArthur, Genevieve M
Pye, J E
Song, Yang
Goodbourn, P T
Guillemin, G J
Dadds, Mark R
Tait, Kathleen
Preston, Deborah
Terrett, Gill
Waters, Cheryl
de Paula Martins, Roberta
Dale, Russell C
Payne, Jonathan M
Starling, Jean
Angus, Douglas Jozef
Williams, Mark A
Lovejoy, David B
Badcock, Nicholas A
Mouti, Anissa
Tindle, Richard
Miyauchi, Shingo
Turner, Christian
Raponi-Saunders, Sandra
de Rosnay, Marc
Sinha, Yashwant
Bilgin, Ayse A
Sweller, Naomi
Cupples, Linda
Foley, Kitty-Rose
Pamphlett, Roger
Moustafa, Ahmed A
DeMayo, Marilena M
--Omitted 26 lower-scoring
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