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Expertise in Autistic Disorder: HELP
@ Toronto
Based on 99 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, M-C Lai is the top-rated expert in Autistic Disorder in Toronto.


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Includes US states, etc.




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University of Toronto
Hospital for Sick Children
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Miscellaneous institutions in Toronto
York University
Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto
St. Michael's Hospital
University Health Network of Toronto
Rotman Research Institute Baycrest
Baycrest Toronto
Toronto General Hospital
Toronto Western Hospital
Women's College Hospital
Lai, M-C
Szatmari, Peter
Uddin, L Q
Anagnostou, E
Scherer, S W
Lionel, Anath C
Lerch, J
Marshall, Christian R
Ellegood, J
Shorter, E
Walker, Susan
Gazzellone, Matthew
Roberts, Wendy
Thiruvahindrapuram, Bhooma
Merico, Daniele
Wu, M
Ray, Debashish
Henkelman, R M
Tammimies, K
Penner, Melanie
Crosbie, J
Gonatopoulos-Pournatzis, Thomas
Doesburg, Sam M
Gallagher, Denis
Taylor, Margot J
Weksberg, Rosanna
Salter, Michael W
Braunschweig, Ulrich
Voronova, Anastassia
Egger, Gerald
Blencowe, Benjamin J
Takesian, Anne E
Wang, Hao
Zander, Mark A
Roth, Jonathan
Noor, Abdul
Stevenson, Ryan A
Vogan, Vanessa M
Cancino, Gonzalo I
Han, Hong
Lipina, T V
Wei, John
Glazebrook, Cheryl
Hampson, D R
Perez Velazquez, J L
Pacey, L K
Mišić, Bratislav
Carter, Melissa T
Urbain, C
Best, Andrew J
Vincent, John B
Bramall, Alexa
Perry, Adrienne
Hensch, Takao K
Miller, Fiona
Sun, Sol Z
Polatajko, H J
Brian, J
Welch, Christie
Garcia Dominguez, L
Krause, Matthew P
Raj, Bushra
Crawford, Dorota A
Markoulakis, R
Morris, Rae
Wang, Michelle
--Omitted 135 lower-scoring
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