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Expertise in Back Pain: HELP
@ Monash University
Based on 108 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R Buchbinder is the top-rated expert in Back Pain at Monash University.


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Monash University
Monash Medical Centre
Monash Institute of Medical Research
Buchbinder, R
Underwood, M
Kent, P
French, S
Urquhart, D M
Cicuttini, F
Keating, J L
Slade, Susan C
Green, Sally
Wluka, A E
Hussain, Sultana M
Wang, Yuanyuan
Ranger, Tom A
Teichtahl, Andrew J
Connell, D
Zheng, Yi
Laird, Robert
McKenzie, Joanne E
O'Connor, Denise A
Chou, Louisa
Peiris, Waruna
Jaberzadeh, Shapour
Mortimer, Duncan
Brady, Sharmayne R E
Hill, J J
Molloy, Elizabeth
Page, Matthew J
Staples, Margaret
Ekegren, Christina L
Liew, Su
O'Sullivan, Richard
Ng, Sin Ki
Heritier, Stephane
Perraton, L
Sim, M R
Haines, Terry
Armstrong, David
Forbes, A
Smith, Peter
Williamson, Owen D
Fitzgibbon, Bernadette
Sullivan, Kaye
Dunstan, David
Kelsall, H L
Bowles, Kelly-Ann
Shaw, Jonathan E
Teede, Helena
Davis, S R
Magliano, Dianna J
Cheng, Allen C
Bell, R
Rosenfeld, Jeffrey V
Bucknall, Tracey
Chan, Patrick
Naderpoor, Negar
Williams, Cylie M
Daly, Chris D
de Courten, Maximilian P J
Moore, Judith S
Wijethilake, Pushpika
Lim, Kai Zheong
Gibson, Peter R
Chandra, Ronil V
Seneviwickrama, Maheeka
Fairley, Jessica
Frawley, Helena C
--Omitted 21 lower-scoring
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