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Expertise in Back Pain: HELP
@ Colorado
Based on 79 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J A Cleland is the top-rated expert in Back Pain in Colorado.


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US Mountain Zone
Miscellaneous cities in Colorado
Colorado Springs
Fort Collins
University of Colorado system
University of Colorado Denver-Auraria
University of Colorado Denver-Anschutz
Miscellaneous institutions in Denver
Denver VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Boulder
University of Colorado Boulder
Steadman Philippon Research Institute and Clinic
Colorado Center for Bone Research
Colorado State University
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Colorado School of Public Health
Colorado School of Public Health-Denver
University of Denver
National Jewish Health
Miscellaneous institutions in Colorado Springs
Craig Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Greeley
Denver Health Medical Center
United States Air Force Academy
Cleland, J A
Nelson-Wong, E
Akuthota, Venu
Phillips, Frank M
Patel, Vikas
Villavicencio, Alan T
Nelson, E Lee
Burneikiene, Sigita
Davis, Alice M
Cain, Christopher M
Mintken, P
Pettine, Kenneth
Duhon, Bradley
Kantha, Vinod
Smith, Andrew C
Noshchenko, Andriy
Kleck, Christopher
Gilkey, David
Corenman, Donald S
Gillard, Douglas M
Bess, Shay
Kennedy, Catherine
O'Laughlin, Shaun J
Hoffecker, Lilian
Miller, P
Williams, John G
Hoppe, Jason A
Ou-Yang, David C
Andrews, S
Rajpal, Sharad
Phan, Huy
York, Philip J
Backstrom, Karen Maloney
Winston, Helena R
Chang, Victor
López-Solà, Marina
Jesse, Mary Kristen
Schenkman, Margaret
Miedema, Mark
Campbell, Thomas
Hollenbeck, Justin F M
Yoder, Adam J
Graney, Bridget
Falci, Scott P
Rothman, Micol S
Centeno, Christopher J
Petrella, Anthony J
Williams, Adam
McGee, John C
Jamroz, Brant
Schultz, John R
Fattor, Jill A
Silverman, Anne K
Petersen, Brian
Woldtvedt, Daniel J
English, Benjamin
Currie, Stuart J
Heuscher, Zachary
Flug, Jonathan A
Kershen, L Michael
Glueck, Deborah
Rullkoetter, Paul J
Pateder, Dhruv B
Myers, Casey A
Bade, Michael
Bruns, Daniel
--Omitted 28 lower-scoring
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