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Expertise in Back Pain: HELP
@ Adelaide
Based on 73 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, G L Moseley is the top-rated expert in Back Pain in Adelaide.


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University of South Australia
University of Adelaide
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Repatriation General Hospital
Flinders University
Miscellaneous institutions in Adelaide
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Adelaide
Flinders Medical Centre
Moseley, G L
McLachlan, A
Stanton, Tasha R
Bunzli, Samantha
Freeman, Brian
Cole, M
Dawson, Anna
Grimmer-Somers, Karen
Catley, Mark J
Grimshaw, P N
Fraser, Robert D
Stomski, N J
McDonald, Matthew
Stanley, M
Karran, Emma L
Grimmer, Karen
Mackintosh, S
Puntumetakul, R
Hillier, Susan L
Halliday, Mark H
Rade, Marinko
Walters, Juli
Wiles, Louise
Gordon, S
Perraton, Luke
Osti, Orso L
Vernon-Roberts, Barrie
Jeffries, Leah J
Perilli, Egon
Doda, Diana
Rothmore, Paul
Lawford, Belinda J
Bowering, K Jane
Pisaniello, Dino
Grabherr, Luzia
Kleinig, Timothy J
Tabor, Abby
Richards, Emma
Briggs, Nancy
Jarrett, Mark S
van Wijk, Roelof M A W
Yau, Yun-Hom
Ferrar, Katia
Miegel, Rohan G
Smith, Caroline
McEvoy, Claire
Stewart, Sasha
Costi, John J
Mahmood, Mohammed
Rego, M H
Fisher, Thomas J
Hiller, Janet E
Nagiah, S
Broniecki, Monica
Phillips, Patrick J
Boucaut, R
Scheepers, Morné Stephan
Chia, Kwan Leung
Streak Gomersall, Judith
Haberberger, Rainer Viktor
--Omitted 3 lower-scoring
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