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Expertise in Back Pain: HELP
@ Cleveland
Based on 75 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Salim Hayek is the top-rated expert in Back Pain in Cleveland.


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US Eastern Zone
Cleveland Clinic
Case Western Reserve University
University Hospitals of Cleveland
Cleveland VA Hospital
MetroHealth Medical Center
Akron General Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Cleveland
Hayek, Salim
Kapural, Leonardo
Rosenquist, Richard
Mekhail, Nagy
Mroz, Tom
Cheng, Jianguo
Ahn, Nicholas
Veizi, Elias
Lubelski, Daniel
Anderson, Joshua T
Hassett, Afton L
Benzel, Edward C
Turan, Alparslan
Azimi, P
Alvin, Matthew D
Obuchowski, N
Nagel, Sean J
Lo, Simon S
Machado, Andre G
Ahluwalia, Manmeet S
Siemionow, Krzysztof
Modic, M T
Steinmetz, Michael P
O'Donnell, Jeffrey A
Costandi, Shrif
Scheman, Judith
Dalton, Jarrod E
O'Rourke, Colin
Alentado, Vincent J
Xu, Jijun
Arbogast, Steven D
Su, Charles A
Borg, B
Rohrlich, Jeremy T
Miller, Jacob A
Lee, Natalie
Hanes, Michael
Sloan, Andrew E
Chen, See Loong
Dadabayev, Alisher
Melillo, Alfred J
Derakhshan, Adeeb
Li, Samuel Q
Gurd, David P
Randall, Rachel M
Ma, Vincent Y
Rosenquist, Ellen
Zimmerman, Nicole
Davis, Mellar P
LaBelle, Mark
Chao, Samuel
Mao, Guangmei
Shaheen, K
Di, Xiao
Simon, E
McGrath, Jacob M
Carruthers, Kadir J
Hertzer, Norman R
Devereaux, Michael
Faiman, Beth
LaSalle, Garret
Savage, Jason W
Kukla, Aniko
Movahed, Alireza
Sakamoto, Flávia A
Majdalany, David
--Omitted 37 lower-scoring
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