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Expertise in Back Pain: HELP
@ Palo Alto
Based on 112 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Eugene Carragee is the top-rated expert in Back Pain in Palo Alto.


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US Pacific Zone
San Francisco Bay area
Palo Alto
Stanford University
VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Miscellaneous institutions in Palo Alto
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Carragee, Eugene
Derby, Richard
Kennedy, D J
Hush, J
Smuck, Matt
Mackey, Sean
Wood, Kirkham
Schneider, Byron
Sinnott, Patricia
Mitra, Raj
Karayannis, N V
Younger, Jarred
Chu, Larry F
Levin, Josh
Zheng, Patricia
Alamin, Todd
Golish, S Raymond
Frosch, Dominick L
Green, Bart
Quon, Andrew
Pizzo, Philip A
Mattie, Ryan
Johnson, Kevin A
Darnall, Beth D
Saltychev, Mikhail
Kao, Ming-Chih
Kleimeyer, John P
Flavin, Kara
Lew, Henry L
Don, Angus S
Cheng, Ivan
Baras, Jacqueline D
Choi, Jongwoo
Macario, Alex
Eno, Jonathan-James T
Sturgeon, John A
Strand, Vibeke
Clemenson, Anna
Davies, Sheryl
Shreibati, Jacqueline Baras
Bellino, Michael J
Sun, John
Chong, Timothy
Schultz, Ellen
Wang, Na
Carroll, Ian
Bishop, Julius A
Wintermark, Max
Avoundjian, Tigran
Gidwani, Risha
Rico, Tom
Soltys, Scott G
Nelson, D Alan
Brar, Nikhraj
Ognibene, Grant T
Demirjian, Ryan
Peoples, Randal R
Sayyid, Zahra N
Clark, J David
Martinez-Ith, Agnes
--Omitted 43 lower-scoring
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