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Expertise in Back Pain: HELP
@ Research Triangle
Based on 114 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Z George is the top-rated expert in Back Pain in Research Triangle.


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US Eastern Zone
North Carolina
Research Triangle
Duke University
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Durham VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Research Triangle
RTI International
Glaxo Wellcome Research Triangle
North Carolina State University
George, S Z
Cook, C
Carey, T
Goode, Adam
Robinson, M
Freburger, Janet
Adogwa, Owoicho
Simon, Corey B
Gimbel, Joseph
Rauck, Richard
Han, Jing L
Bagley, Carlos
Keefe, F
Karikari, Isaac
Isaacs, Robert
Reiman, Michael
Lad, Shivanand P
Brown, Christopher
Porter, Laura S
Gottfried, Oren
Elsamadicy, Aladine
Pixton, Glenn
Castel, Liana
Bass, Almasa
Fras, Anne Marie
Farber, S Harrison
Park, Jongbae
Wilson, Jacquelyn G
Yang, Siyun
Duan-Porter, Wei
Thompson, Paul
Parente, Beth
McDuffie, Jennifer
Amrhein, Timothy J
Jordan, Joanne M
Vaughn, Ben
Coeytaux, Remy
Pagadala, Promila
Buchbinder, Mara
Lopes, Renato D
Sheets, Charles
Lipscomb, Hester J
Ledbetter, L
Hoang, Jenny K
Xie, Jichun
Wolfram, Gernot
Fatemi, Parastou
Richardson, William
Kranz, Peter G
Park, Hi-Joon
Makumi, Clare W
Joshi, Anand
Knauer, Stefanie
Asgharian, Afsaneh
Murphy, Kelly R
Givens, Deborah L
Tomaras, Georgia D
Allen, Kelli D
Schmader, Kenneth
Ellis, Jeffrey
Hong, Ji H
Xu, Xu
Goforth, Harold W
Nagi, Avishek
Montefiori, David C
Verla, Terence
--Omitted 90 lower-scoring
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