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Expertise in Bipolar Disorder: HELP
@ District of Columbia
Based on 115 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R Post is the top-rated expert in Bipolar Disorder in the District of Columbia.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
District of Columbia
Washington, DC
George Washington University
Miscellaneous institutions in Washington, DC
Children's National Medical Center
Howard University
Georgetown University
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington Hospital Center
Post, R
Kilbourne, A
Adleman, N
Kelly, Tammas
Joshi, Paramjit
Robb, Adelaide
Goodwin, Fredrick K
Salpekar, J A
Fanous, A
Thomas, Laura A
Rich, Brendan A
Hearing, C
Lieberman, Daniel Z
Kayser, R
McGrath, L M
Weber, Natalya S
Niebuhr, David W
Cowan, David N
Lawson, W
Teng, S
Nwulia, E
Bagalman, Erin
Nusrat, Nasima
Amdur, Richard L
Bones, B L
Hipolito, Maria
Durden, Emily
Davis, Chester L
Brown, Jonathan D
Rosen, Heather R
Irwig, Michael S
Finzi, E
Koola, Maju Mathew
Kels, L
Cleary, Sean D
Zhao, Li
Muralidhar, Sumitra
Gelda, J
Axelowitz, J
McLean, Charlee
Shaver, B
Herr, Nathaniel R
O'Connor, Stephen S
Rai, Narayan
Mbaba, Mary
Ray, M
Gleason, Theresa
Guidry-Grimes, Laura
Przygodszki, Ronald
O'Leary, Timothy J
Kloos, Angelica L
Kumari, Suneeta
Nosti, Patrick A
Callier, Shawneequa
Fantie, Bryan D
Bassey, R B
Mainali, Pranita
Chapman, S N
Pessu, M
Frederickson, Jon Julius
Jayam-Trouth, A
Gondré-Lewis, M C
Macías-Saint-Gerons, Diego
Arshad, Hasnain
Munir, Aitzaz
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