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Expertise in Bipolar Disorder: HELP
@ Minnesota
Based on 191 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Lakshmi Yatham is the top-rated expert in Bipolar Disorder in Minnesota.


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US Central Zone
Rochester, MN
Minneapolis-St. Paul
Miscellaneous cities in Minnesota
Mayo Clinic Rochester
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis VA Hospital
University of Minnesota Rochester
University of Minnesota Duluth
Miscellaneous institutions in Rochester, MN
Hennepin County Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Minneapolis-St. Paul
Yatham, Lakshmi
Frye, M
Bond, D J
Lam, R W
Bobo, W V
Torres, I J
Biernacka, J M
Prieto, M L
Tye, S J
Einat, H
Veldic, M
Honer, W G
Vande Voort, J L
Cuéllar-Barboza, A B
Kung, S
Crow, S
Geske, Jennifer
Fatemi, S H
Croarkin, Paul E
Winham, S
Choi, D-S
Abulseoud, O
Bishop, J R
Cullen, Kathryn R
Folsom, T D
Klimes-Dougan, Bonnie
Nassan, M
Su, W
Sponheim, S R
Lang, D J
Urosević, Snezana
Urošević, Snežana
Colby, C
Rasmussen, K
Krueger, R F
Lee, Sue
Port, John D
Chopra, Amit
Hughes, J
Potegal, Michael
Markota, M
Jenkins, G
Rosen, Brooke H
Palmer, B A
Chauhan, M
Morgan, Robert J
Gottesman, Irving I
Ryu, E
Leung, Jonathan G
Stensland, Michael D
Engel, Susanne
Sampson, S
Lee, James J
Seymour, Lisa R
Williams, Mark
Oliveros, A
Narayan, Angela J
Lapid, Maria I
Schak, Kathryn M
Flaisher-Grinberg, Shlomit
Patten, Christi
Thuras, P
Rico, Jose
Coombes, Brandon
MacMillan, E L
Schallmo, M-P
--Omitted 150 lower-scoring
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