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Expertise in Bipolar Disorder: HELP
@ Pennsylvania
Based on 512 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, B Goldstein is the top-rated expert in Bipolar Disorder in Pennsylvania.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
Hershey, PA
Miscellaneous cities in Pennsylvania
State College
Danville, PA
West Point, PA
Lancaster, PA
West Chester
West Reading, PA
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pennsylvania
Temple University
Philadelphia VA Hospital
Pennsylvania State University Hershey
Thomas Jefferson University
Pennsylvania State University - University Park
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Pittsburgh VA Hospital
Drexel University
Miscellaneous institutions in Pittsburgh
Miscellaneous institutions in Philadelphia
Allegheny General Hospital
Geisinger Medical Center
Merck Research Laboratories
Carnegie Mellon University
Miscellaneous institutions in Lancaster, PA
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Lancaster General Hospital
Lehigh Valley Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in West Chester
Reading Hospital
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
University of the Sciences
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Goldstein, B
Birmaher, B
Youngstrom, E
Phillips, M
Axelson, D
Thase, M
Fagiolini, A
Sachs, G
Sylvia, L
Kupfer, D
Swartz, H
Alloy, L B
Frank, Ellen
Goldstein, T
Schaffer, A
Gildengers, A
Oquendo, M A
Nusslock, R
Ladouceur, C
Wisner, Katherine L
Gill, M K
Soreca, I
Gershon, Samuel
Friedman, E
Versace, A
Diler, Rasim
Boland, Elaine M
Shelton, Richard C
Almeida, J R C
Boudebesse, C
Stange, Jonathan P
Amsterdam, J D
Gyulai, Laszlo
Saunders, Erika
Ryan, N D
Hafeman, D
Monk, K
Iyengar, S
Hassel, S
Nimgaonkar, V
Chengappa, K N Roy
Ng, Tommy
Frank, E
Bender, Rachel
Hickey, M
Travis, M
Reynolds, C F
Bebko, G
Romero, S
Brent, D A
Bertocci, M
Rucci, P
Wisniewski, S
Ha, Wonho
Butters, M A
Fournier, J C
Berrettini, W
Shults, J
Sidor, Michelle
Lohoff, F
--Omitted 360 lower-scoring
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