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Expertise in Bipolar Disorder: HELP
@ New Haven
Based on 188 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, G Pearlson is the top-rated expert in Bipolar Disorder in New Haven.


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US Eastern Zone
New England
New Haven
Yale University
West Haven VA Hospital
Connecticut Mental Health Center
Miscellaneous institutions in New Haven
Pearlson, G
Gruber, J
Glahn, D C
Blumberg, H
Wang, Fei
Sprooten, E
Calhoun, V
Chwastiak, Lydia A
Liu, Jie
Womer, Fay
Spencer, L
Meda, Shashwath
Guloksuz, Sinan
Stevens, Michael
Cannon, T D
Pittman, B
Yip, Sarah W
Kalmar, Jessica H
Anticevic, Alan
Chepenik, Lara G
Johnston, J A Y
Hay, Aleena
Knowles, E
Blond, Benjamin N
Sanacora, Gerard
Johannesen, Jason K
Savić, Aleksandar
Dutra, Sunny
Winkler, Anderson M
Krystal, John H
Lippard, E T C
Rosenheck, R
Purcell, Amanda
Edmiston, Erin
Yang, Genevieve
Murray, John D
Beech, R D
Joormann, Jutta
Gelernter, J
Polimanti, R
Weathers, Judah
Mane, S
McKay, D Reese
Sarıçiçek, A
Leffert, J J
Najt, P
Ballester, Javier
Kober, Hedy
Yao, N
Wilkinson, Samuel T
Gilbert, Kirsten E
Aslan, Mihaela
Umlauf, S
Staib, Lawrence H
Zhao, H
Constable, R Todd
Davidson, Charlie
Assaf, Michal
Picciotto, Marina R
Lin, A
Skudlarski, Pawel
Mathias, Samuel
Fortgang, R
Zhao, Hongyu
Lacadie, Cheryl
Woods, Scott W
--Omitted 92 lower-scoring
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