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Expertise in Urinary Bladder Neoplasms: HELP
@ Colorado
Based on 93 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D Theodorescu is the top-rated expert in Urinary Bladder Neoplasms in Colorado.


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US Mountain Zone
Fort Collins
Miscellaneous cities in Colorado
University of Colorado system
University of Colorado Denver-Anschutz
University of Colorado Denver-Auraria
Miscellaneous institutions in Denver
Colorado State University
University of Colorado Boulder
Miscellaneous institutions in Boulder
Colorado School of Public Health-Denver
Colorado School of Public Health
National Jewish Health
Denver VA Hospital
Theodorescu, D
Agarwal, Neeraj
Smith, Steven
Zuiverloon, T
Dancik, Garrett
Flaig, T W
Owens, Charles
Wilson, Shandra
Ru, Yuanbin
Li, Yuan
Byun, Seok S
Yang, Xiaoping
Guin, Sunny
Duex, Jason E
Karsh, Larry
Wang, Hong
Costello, James C
Higuchi, Ty
Su, L J
Kumar, Binod
Kessler, Elizabeth
Sottnik, Joseph L
La Rosa, Francisco G
Crawford, E David
Han, A L
Carrasco, Alonso
Nuckols, John
Pollard, Courtney
Borah, Sumit
Edwards, Michael G
Xi, Linghe
Rove, K O
Larue, Susan
Zaug, Arthur J
Scott, Frank I
Powell, Natasha M
Ritterson Lew, Carolyn
Thorburn, Andrew
Morgan, Michael J
Saltzman, Amanda
Thamm, D
Fitzwalter, Brent E
Siomos, Vassilis J
Goodspeed, Andrew
Nieset, Jessica R
Tabakoff, Boris
Chauca-Diaz, Ana
Powers, Rani K
Felsenstein, Kenneth M
Hoffman, Paula
Lucia, M Scott
Hensel, Jonathan
Radcliffe, Richard A
Gamez, Graciela
Lew, Carolyn R
Deb, Abdalla Ali
Swain, Kalin E
Bowler, Russell
Bachand, Annette
Cho, S K
Mahaffey, Spencer
Paucek, Richard D
Oweida, Ayman
Warncke, Jason
SooHoo, Jeffrey R
Islam, Majdee M
--Omitted 43 lower-scoring
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