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Expertise in Breast Neoplasms: HELP
@ Georgetown University
Based on 429 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Swain is the top-rated expert in Breast Neoplasms at Georgetown University.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
District of Columbia
Washington area
Washington, DC
Georgetown University
Swain, S
Clarke, Robert
Jordan, V C
Mandelblatt, Jeanne
Liu, Minetta
Oesterreich, S
Isaacs, C
Palmer, Julie
Lee, A V
Zhang, Li
Sheppard, Vanessa
Li, Xin
Nahabedian, Maurice
Rosenberg, Lynn
Adams-Campbell, Lucile
Hilakivi-Clarke, Leena
Cook, Katherine
Hu, Rong
Eng-Wong, Jennifer
Fan, Ping
Kim, Hee Jeong
Zhang, Yang
Wärri, Anni
Marian, Catalin
Spear, S L
Maximov, P Y
Schwartz, M D
Riggins, R
Luta, G
Peshkin, B N
Patel, Ketan
Boggs, Deborah A
Lynce, Filipa
Zhou, Xin
Zhao, Yi
Graves, K
Makambi, K
Furth, P A
Wang, Xiaoya
Sikora, M J
Kallakury, B
O'Neill, Suzanne C
Lahusen, T
Obiorah, I
Faul, Leigh Anne
Tan, Ming
Llanos, Adana A
Sengupta, Surojeet
Shajahan, Ayesha
McDaniel, Russell
DeMarco, Tiffani
Cavalli, L R
Willey, S
Hurtado-de-Mendoza, Alejandra
Dash, Chiranjeev
Curpan, R
Wellstein, A
Dumitrescu, R G
Byers, Stephen
Warren, Robert
--Omitted 297 lower-scoring
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