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Expertise in Breast Neoplasms: HELP
@ South Carolina
Based on 298 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P Ganz is the top-rated expert in Breast Neoplasms in South Carolina.


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US Eastern Zone
South Carolina
Columbia, SC
Miscellaneous cities in South Carolina
Clemson, SC
Greenville, SC
Medical University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina
Miscellaneous institutions in Charleston
Clemson University
Miscellaneous institutions in Greenville, SC
Ganz, P
Buchholz, T
Hunt, K K
Smith, Benjamin
Giordano, S H
Pisano, E
Yang, Wei
Bower, J
Giordano, Antonio
Smith, Grace L
Whitman, Gary J
Ethier, S
Lo, P-K
Shen, Yu
Steck, Susan E
Zhou, Jie
Jiang, Jing
Fan, Weimin
Wang, Qian
Black, Dalliah
Desouki, Mohamed M
Hebert, J R
Fisher, C S
Xu, Ying
Adams, Swann A
Yeh, Elizabeth S
Yang, Yi
Garrett-Mayer, Elizabeth
Irwin, M R
Heiney, Sue
Anderton, Douglas L
Leone, Gustavo
Yu, Fan
Arrington, Amanda
Zapka, Jane
Ford, M E
Akman, S
Kistner-Griffin, E
Elting, Linda
Cole, Elodia
Eberth, Jan M
Pandey, J P
Lin, Xiaoyan
Mislowsky, Angela
Pavic, Dag
Findlay, V J
Bennett, Charles L
Baron, Paul
Hajiebrahimi, Mohammad
Smits, Bart M G
Zhang, Jiajia
Kusminsky, Roberto
Li, Pengfei
Griffin, Patricia C
Edwards-Bennett, Sophia
Shivappa, Nitin
Spassieva, Stefka
Burris, Jessica L
Irish, Jonathan
Pinto, Bernardine M
--Omitted 333 lower-scoring
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