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Expertise in Coronary Artery Disease: HELP
@ University of Minnesota
Based on 155 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Tim D Henry is the top-rated expert in Coronary Artery Disease at the University of Minnesota.


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US Central Zone
Minneapolis-St. Paul
University of Minnesota
Henry, Tim D
Jacobs, D R
Herzog, C A
Chandrashekhar, Y
Ward, Herbert B
Folsom, Aaron R
Kelly, Rosemary
Schreiner, P
Fujiyoshi, Akira
Zhang, Lei
Shroff, G R
Duprez, Daniel
Tsai, Michael Y
Steffen, L M
Garcia, Santiago
Alonso, A
Foley, Robert
Pankow, James
Gross, M D
Steffes, M
McFalls, Edward
Raveendran, Ganesh
Saenger, Amy K
Tang, Weihong
Sarembock, Ian J
Yannopoulos, Demetris
Adabag, Selcuk
Braunlin, Elizabeth
Kottke, Thomas E
Everson-Rose, Susan A
Pan, Wei
Kasiske, B L
Lutsey, Pamela L
Bancks, Michael P
Blackburn, Henry
Zhu, N
Wilson, Robert F
Sijtsma, F
Hanson, Naomi Q
Bartos, Jason
Ensrud, Kristine E
Konety, Suma
McGraw, Sloane
Hocum Stone, Laura
Chamberlain, Alanna M
Shah, Ishan K
Neaton, James D
Appiah, Duke
Faravardeh, Arman
Guan, Weihua
John, Ranjit
Vakil, Kairav
Anand, Inder
Weber, Marc
Duffy, C
Cao, Qing
Steffen, Brian T
Sanchez, Otto A
Holley, Christopher
Widome, Rachel
Zhou, Xia
Tokede, Oluwabunmi A
Wright, Christin
Park, K
Xu, Zhiyuan
Hart, Allyson
--Omitted 63 lower-scoring
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