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Expertise in Coronary Artery Disease: HELP
@ Rhode Island
Based on 76 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J D Abbott is the top-rated expert in Coronary Artery Disease in Rhode Island.


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US Eastern Zone
New England
Rhode Island
Miscellaneous cities in Rhode Island
Brown University
Providence VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Providence
Abbott, J D
Aronow, Herbert D
Sellke, Frank
Miner, M
Abbasi, Siddique
Eaton, Charles
Shah, Nishant R
Wang, Mei
Sharaf, Barry
Beck, D T
George, P
Chu, Louis M
Tellez, Armando
Feng, Jun
Robich, Michael P
Buxton, Alfred E
Gordon, Paul
Velagapudi, Poonam
Gordon, Paul C
Arrighi, James
Anthony, David
Kolte, Dhaval
Loucks, Eric B
Hyder, Omar N
Singh, A K
Wu, Wen-Chih
Lin, A
Lassaletta, Antonio D
Mohammadpour, Amir Hooshang
Potz, Brittany A
Srour, John Fani
Snyder, Bradley S
Lacy, Mary E
Lima, Fabio
Duan, Fenghai
Thomas, M E
Leitner, Joshua
Pradhan, Anay
Healy, Abigail
Choudhary, Gaurav
Akanji, Abayomi O
Everage, Nicholas J
Napoli, Anthony M
Dobrilovic, Nikola
Ehsan, Afshin
Parker, Donna R
Anderson, Kelsey
Liu, Yuhong
Levine, Daniel
Chadashvili, Tamuna
Lang, Christopher D
Gatsonis, Constantine
DeMello, Sarah
Jankowich, Matthew D
Mitchell, Hunter
Valente, Elizabeth A
Liu, Simin
Rijal, Jharendra
Lamont, L S
Reddy, Satyajit
--Omitted 10 lower-scoring
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