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Expertise in Coronary Artery Disease: HELP
@ Baltimore
Based on 580 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, M Budoff is the top-rated expert in Coronary Artery Disease in Baltimore.


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US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
Washington area
Johns Hopkins University
University of Maryland Baltimore
Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
Miscellaneous institutions in Baltimore
National Institute on Aging Baltimore
Union Memorial Hospital
Baltimore VA Hospital
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Budoff, M
Blaha, Michael
Blumenthal, R
Nasir, K
Hecht, Harvey
Gurbel, P
Finn, Aloke V
Tantry, U
Arbab-Zadeh, Armin
Dilsizian, Vasken
Schindler, Thomas
Bluemke, D A
Bliden, K
George, R T
McEvoy, John W
Martin, Seth S
Michos, Erin D
Lima, Joao A C
Joshi, Parag
Post, W
Valenta, I
Bengel, F
Song, Young Bin
Bonatti, Johannes
Gottlieb, I
Rivera, Juan
Miller, Julie M
DeFilippis, Andrew
Serebruany, Victor
Stuber, Matthias
Lardo, Albert C
Vogel-Claussen, Jens
Al Rifai, Mahmoud
Antonino, M J
Chang, Yoosoo
Toth, P P
White, Charles S
Kelle, S
Iantorno, Micaela
Mori, Hiroyoshi
Vavere, Andrea
Lehr, Eric
Silverman, M G
Jones, Steven
Guallar, Eliseo
Zhang, Yiyi
Choi, Sang-Il
Whelton, Seamus
Weiss, Robert G
Lev, Eli
Nance, J W
Walford, Gary
Brinker, Jeffery
Lai, Shenghan
Yanek, Lisa R
Patel, Jaideep
Vaidya, Dhananjay
Zhao, Di
Hays, Allison G
Gesheff, M
Szklo, Moyses
Shapiro, Edward P
Mehra, Vishal
Gerstenblith, Gary
Kral, Brian
Mortensen, Martin BĂždtker
--Omitted 432 lower-scoring
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