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Expertise in Coronary Artery Disease: HELP
@ Research Triangle
Based on 529 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Manesh R Patel is the top-rated expert in Coronary Artery Disease in Research Triangle.


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US Eastern Zone
North Carolina
Research Triangle
Duke University
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Miscellaneous institutions in Research Triangle
Durham VA Hospital
North Carolina State University
Glaxo Wellcome Research Triangle
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Wake Heart Center
RTI International
Patel, Manesh R
Rao, Sunil
Ohman, E M
Park, Duk Woo
Douglas, Pamela
Harrington, Robert A
Smith, Peter K
Becker, R
Smith, Sidney
Mark, Daniel
Peterson, Eric D
Alexander, John H
Alexander, Karen
Harskamp, Ralf E
Newby, L Kristin
Granger, C B
Lopes, Renato
Ferguson, T Bruce
Roe, Matthew
Kaplan, Aaron V
Sinnaeve, P
Krucoff, Mitchell
Jones, Robert H
Velazquez, Eric
Leonardi, Sergio
Califf, Robert M
Shaw, L K
Pencina, Michael
Kong, David
Mehta, Rajendra H
Lee, Kerry L
Anstrom, Kevin
Kraus, W
O'Connor, Christopher M
Shah, S H
Beck, James
Blumenthal, James A
Dai, David
Hernandez, Adrian F
Williams, J B
Rubin, Geoffrey D
Chan, Mark
Piccini, Jonathan P
Mudrick, Daniel
Delago, Augustin
O'Brien, Sean
Dunning, Allison
Sun, Jie
Voora, Deepak
Viera, Anthony J
Hausenloy, D J
Mahaffey, Kenneth
Hess, Connie N
Daubert, Melissa
Brennan, J Matthew
Wang, Tracy
Berger, J S
Cavender, Matthew A
Swaminathan, R V
Fordyce, Christopher B
Bunevičius, A
Dunning, Allison M
Swaminathan, Madhav
Xian, Ying
Federspiel, Jerome J
Shah, Bimal
--Omitted 496 lower-scoring
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