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Expertise in Crohn Disease: HELP
@ Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom
Based on 116 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Danese is the top-rated expert in Crohn Disease in Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom.


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United Kingdom
Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom
Danese, S
Rogler, G
Lakatos, P
Vavricka, S
Hart, A L
Dignaß, A
Van Der Woude, C J
Ardizzone, S
Tozer, P
Russell, R
Barreiro-de-Acosta, M
Warusavitarne, J
Buskens, C
Phillips, R
Gomollón, F
Ahmad, T
Sebastian, S
Gionchetti, P
Sampietro, G
Maaser, C
Lung, P
Faiz, O
Kalla, R
Lal, S
Portela, F
Mendall, Mike
Sahnan, K
Adegbola, S O
Vucelić, Boris
Sinha, Rakesh
Ashton, Katherine
Harris, R
Edwards, Cathryn
Dhar, A
Sinha, R
Murray, I
Blaker, Paul
Hunter, J O
Bisset, W M
Naismith, G D
Walton, C
Siddiqui, Muhammed R
Laureti, S
Kinross, James
Bye, J
Fowler, D P
Sarkar, S
Fallis, S
Dhillon, Angad S
Lim, Teegan R
Tanswell, Ian
Harris, Adam
Stärk, K D C
Patel, P
Dyson, Jessica K
Seres, Michael
Calvert, C
Mak, Wing Yan
Buruiana, F E
Ahmed, Jamil
Shivaji, Uday N
Harris, Dan
Shetty, Sharan
Western, Catherine Elizabeth
Awasthi, Ashish Kumar
Hall, Philip
--Omitted 102 lower-scoring
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