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Expertise in Crohn Disease: HELP
@ London, ON
Based on 173 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, William Sandborn is the top-rated expert in Crohn Disease in London$on.


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London, ON
University of Western Ontario
Robarts Research Institute
Miscellaneous institutions in London, ON
London Health Sciences Centre
Sandborn, William
Feagan, B
D'Haens, G
Khanna, R
Jairath, V
Levesque, B G
Dulai, P S
Vande Casteele, N
Sandborn, W J
Ma, Christopher
Parker, C E
Mosli, M
Chande, N
Battat, Robert
Zou, G
Hindryckx, P
MacDonald, J K
Boland, Brigid
McDonald, J W
Ma, C
Nguyen, Tran
Stitt, L
Gregor, J
Shackelton, L M
Samaan, M
Dubcenco, Elena
Ponich, T
Nelson, S A
Guizzetti, L
Vandervoort, M K
Wong, C J
Pai, Rish K
Wilson, Aze
Thomson, Alan B R
Cipriano, L E
Roth, Lee
Kafil, Tahir S
Bax, Kevin
Miller, Michael
Beaton, Melanie
Townsend, Cassandra M
Patton, Petrease H
Novak, Gregor
Walsh, Joanna
Segal, Dan
Donner, Allan
van Viegen, Tanja
Teriaky, Anouar
Kwapisz, Lukasz
Yan, Brian
Rahman, Adam
Wilson, A
Al Draiweesh, Saleh
Osmond, Allison
Feagan, Sean G
Ashok, Dhandapani
Barra, Lillian
Alkhattabi, Maan
Nelson, Seana Ml
Francoeur, Courtney A
McDonald, Cassandra
Williamson, L A
Hopkins, M
Nguyen, T M
Feagen, Brian G
Kaniki, Nicole
--Omitted 21 lower-scoring
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