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Expertise in Crohn Disease: HELP
@ Long Island towns
Based on 99 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, W M Zhu is the top-rated expert in Crohn Disease in Long Island towns.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Eastern Zone
New York
New York area
Long Island towns
Northwell Health
Lenox Hill Hospital
North Shore University Hospital
North Shore LIJ Health System
Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Cohen Children's Medical Center
SUNY Stony Brook
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Hofstra University
St. Francis in Roslyn
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Elmhurst Hospital Center
New York Hospital Queens
Nassau University Medical Center
Winthrop University Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Long Island towns
Zhu, W M
Swaminath, A
Hirten, Robert
Markowitz, James
Korelitz, Burton
Katz, S
Sultan, Keith
Lawlor, Garrett
Feathers, A
Li, Ellen
Yao, Qingping
Zhang, Yuanhao
Zhang, Tianyi
Gathungu, Grace
Schneider, Judy
Khan, Sundas
Taunk, Raja
Agrawal, Manasi
Rowehl, Leahana
Tian, Xinyu
Kesar, Vivek
Choi, Songhwa
Krumsiek, Julia
Nocerino, Angelica
Hershman, Melissa
Snider, Ashley J
Durbin, Laura
Shamah, Steven
Richards, Robert
Alizadeh, Ahmadreza
Adlakha, Natasha
Strunk, Andrew
Garg, Amit
Chang, Karen
Tannenbaum, Rachel
Chalhoub, Jean M
Kohn, Nina
Foglia, Christopher M
Inamdar, Sumant
Orner, Erika P
Furie, Richard
Duncan, A
El Khoury, Lara
Loftus, Michael
Schindlbeck, Katharina A
Tou, S
Walfish, Aaron
Passi, Monica
Ivanina, Elena
Shah, Shalin
Nguyen, Andrew
Berkowitz, Joshua C
Mone, Anjali
Akerman, Meredith
Lencz, Todd
Lakhani, Komal
Rubin, Clinton T
Qiu, Michael
Jen, Henry
Spyropoulos, Alex
Vrabie, Raluca
Cheung, Mary
Gao, Youran
Stein-Fishbein, Joanna
Patel, Upenkumar
Partiula, Bernard
--Omitted 14 lower-scoring
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