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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ Duke-NUS Medical School
Based on 68 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, A J Rush is the top-rated expert in Depression at Duke-NUS Medical School.


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Singapore Republic
Duke-NUS Medical School
Rush, A J
Masand, Prakash
Chen, Helen
Zhang, X
Mahendran, R
Sung, Sharon
Østbye, Truls
Malhotra, Rahul
Lee, Tih-Shih
Haley, C L
Tan, L C S
Lim, Haikel A
Bautista, Dianne
Saw, Seang Mei
Chan, Angelique
How, Choon How
Sung, S C
Zhou, Juan
Chua, T E
Chakraborty, Bibhas
Tor, Phern-Chern
Malhotra, Chetna
Tan, E K
Ang, Shannon
Do, Young Kyung
Wong, Tien Y
Yan, Shi
Lo, June C
Kandiah, Nagaendran
Tan, Ene-Choo
Allen, John Carson
Cheng, Grand H-L
Lee, T-S
Lee, Theresa
Matchar, David
Teoh, Oon Hoe
Chei, Choy-Lye
Zhu, Cindy Shiqi
Lee, Su Mei
Lee, Xuan Kai
Tan, Thiam Chye
Barbier, Sylvaine
Yap, Fabian
Liu, Jean C
Yeo, Si-Ning
Thiagayson, Pavaani
Sasmita, Karen
Wee, Natalie
Goh, Anne
Lim, Ee-Wei
Lee, Theresa M Y
Chee, Nicholas I Y N
Teo, Stephanie Ruth
Chay, Oh Moh
Tandi, Jesisca
Acharyya, Sanchalika
Cher, Wei Shan
Ng, Chin Teck
Chiang, Peggy Pei-Chia
Ng, Kheng Siang Ted
Gooley, Joshua J
Choo, Chih-Huei
Au, Wing Lok
Chee, Michael W L
Chua, Shun-Jie
Quah, Stella
--Omitted 3 lower-scoring
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