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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ University of Connecticut Farmington
Based on 120 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D Steffens is the top-rated expert in Depression at the University of Connecticut Farmington.


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US Eastern Zone
New England
Farmington, CT
University of Connecticut Farmington
Steffens, D
Niciu, M J
Wagner, J A
Wang, Lihong
Barry, Lisa C
Tennen, H
Ford, Julian
Manning, Kevin J
Chan, Grace
Herres, Joanna
McCullough, Louise D
Ma, Xin-Ming
Bastian, Lori
Briggs-Gowan, M
Ohannessian, Christine McCauley
Fortinsky, Richard
Guite, Jessica W
O'Hara, Ross E
Litt, Mark
Connor, Daniel F
Petry, Nancy M
Boynton, Marcella H
Venna, Venugopal R
Wakefield, Dorothy
Bermúdez-Millán, Angela
Hesselbrock, Victor
Verma, Rajkumar
Manning, K
Robison, Julie
Raskin, Sarah
Shrestha, Roman
Oncken, Cheryl
McCauley Ohannessian, Christine
Harris, Nia M
White, William B
Conti, Lisa H
Dornelas, Ellen
Grady, James
Guerrera, Mary P
Wolfson, Leslie
Cherniack, Martin
Cromley, Ellen K
Strober, B
O'Keefe, Lena M
Schilling, Elizabeth A
Mandela, Prashant
Schensul, Stephen L
Doran, Sarah J
Cronin, Chunxia G
Grasso, Damion J
Friedler, Brett D
Wu, Rong
Kamath, Jayesh
Aziz, Rehan
Hudobenko, Jacob
Pachter, Lee M
Kadden, Ronald M
Obidoa, Chiwekwu
Mwilambwe-Tshilobo, Laetitia
Weiss, Lindsay M
Ha, Toan
Avery, Naomi
Aron, Abraham W
Dugan, Alicia G
Ritzel, Rodney
Pierucci-Lagha, Amira
--Omitted 23 lower-scoring
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