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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ Kansas
Based on 216 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, C Lejuez is the top-rated expert in Depression in Kansas.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Central Zone
Kansas City, KS
Miscellaneous cities in Kansas
Manhattan, KS
University of Kansas School of Medicine
University of Kansas Lawrence
University of Kansas School of Medicine Wichita
Miscellaneous institutions in Wichita
Kansas State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Kansas City, KS
University of Kansas Alzheimer Disease Center
Kansas City VA Medical Center
Lejuez, C
Preskorn, Sheldon H
Huprich, Steven
Spertus, John A
Stone, K L
Macaluso, M
Frazer, A
Smolderen, Kim
Fite, Paula J
Collado, Anahí
Buchanan, Donna
Atchley, Ruth Ann
Bistricky, Steven L
Ingram, Rick
Holmbeck, Grayson N
Lakkireddy, Dhanunjaya
Wolfe, Fred
Preskorn, Sheldon
Smokowski, Paul R
Chan, Paul S
Murray, C B
Hasche, Leslie
Nickel, J C
Bortolato, Marco
Marker, Arwen
Perkins, Danielle
Saint Onge, Jarron M
Kluding, Patricia
Cox, Lisa Sanderson
Mao, Limin
Williford, Anne
Murphy, William
Johnson, David K
Lee, Kyoung Hag
Faseru, Babalola
Scheffer, Russell
Sousa, Valmi D
Diaz, Francisco J
Gronseth, Gary S
Matejkowski, Jason
Savage, Cary R
Engel, Matthew
Naveed, S
Clark, Jillian M R
Patton, Susana R
Michaud, Kaleb
Mosack, Victoria
Carta, Judith J
Marsh, Courtney
Haddock, C K
Burns, Jeffrey M
Warner, Christopher H
Bacallao, Martica
Bigelow, Kathryn
Forbush, Kelsie
Poston, Walker S C
Singh, Rupali
Jahnke, Sara A
Perales, Jaime
Watts, Amber
Hagan, Kelsey E
Evans, Spencer C
Lennon, Jaclyn M
Greenhoot, Andrea Follmer
Snyder, James
Clements, Mark A
--Omitted 176 lower-scoring
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