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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ Ohio
Based on 1,481 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R J Baldessarini is the top-rated expert in Depression in Ohio.


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US Eastern Zone
Miscellaneous cities in Ohio
Athens, OH
Oxford, OH
Bowling Green
Wooster, OH
Ohio State University
University of Cincinnati
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland Clinic
Kent State University
Nationwide Children's Hospital
University Hospitals of Cleveland
University of Toledo
Ohio University
Cincinnati VA Hospital
Northeast Ohio Medical University
Wright State University
Miami University
Bowling Green State University
Medical College of Ohio
Miscellaneous institutions in Akron
Miscellaneous institutions in Cleveland
Cleveland VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Cincinnati
Christ Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Columbus
MetroHealth Medical Center
University of Akron
Miscellaneous institutions in Dayton
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital
U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine
Miscellaneous institutions in Wooster, OH
Akron General Medical Center
Air Force Institute of Technology
Miscellaneous institutions in Toledo
Dayton VA Hospital
Miami Valley Hospital
Dayton Children's Hospital
Toledo Hospital
Baldessarini, R J
Brent, D A
Andersen, Barbara
Brietzke, Elisa
Kiecolt-Glaser, J
Elhai, J
Pawluski, Jodi L
Fagundes, C
McElroy, S
Zubieta, J K
Stockmeier, C A
Langenecker, S
Findling, R
Melhem, N
Calabrese, J
Pitychoutis, P M
Strunk, D
Beauchaine, Theodore P
Gao, Keming
DelBello, M
Yaroslavsky, I
Campo, J
Bridge, J
Strakowski, Stephen M
Wohleb, Eric S
Porta, G
Kowatch, R
Kemp, David E
Axelson, D
Becker, Stephen P
Noto, Cristiano
Moore, Michael
Sajatovic, Martha
Fresco, D M
Keck, P
Kupka, R
Ammerman, Robert T
Kelleher, Kelly
McInnis, M
Allan, Nicholas P
Thayer, Julian F
McNamara, Robert K
Herman, J P
Malone, Donald
Armour, Cherie
Hong, Wu
Wang, Zuowei
Nelson, R
Contractor, Ateka
Hassett, Afton L
Feeny, Norah
Gulbins, Erich
Malarkey, W B
Cordeiro, Q
Kashikar-Zuck, S
Glaser, Ronald
Accortt, Eynav E
Heinberg, L
Gardner, W
Luebbe, Aaron
Cooper, Andy
Hood, K K
Hennessy, Michael
Spitznagel, Mary B
Andridge, R
Tamburrino, Marijo
--Omitted 1,580 lower-scoring
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