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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ Utah
Based on 443 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Madhukar Trivedi is the top-rated expert in Depression in Utah.


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Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Mountain Zone
Salt Lake City
Logan, UT
Miscellaneous cities in Utah
University of Utah
Brigham Young University
Miscellaneous institutions in Salt Lake City
Miscellaneous institutions in Logan, UT
Intermountain Medical Center
Primary Children's Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Provo
Trivedi, Madhukar
Emslie, Graham
McClintock, S
Croarkin, Paul
Husain, M M
Greer, T L
Soares, J C
Monteggia, Lisa M
Jha, Manish
Morimoto, Sarah S
Mayes, Taryn
Fagundes, C
Zubieta, J K
Langenecker, S
Jansen, Karen
Kennard, Beth
Rao, Uma
Renshaw, Perry
Rethorst, C
Kapczinski, F
Minhajuddin, Abu
Carmody, T J
Nakonezny, P A
Weisenbach, S L
Grannemann, B
Mickey, B J
Selvaraj, S
Hopkins, Ramona O
Trivedi, M H
Bryan, Craig
Stewart, S M
Brown, E Sherwood
Chen, Wei
Crowell, Sheila E
Docherty, A R
Toups, M
Magid, M
Garland, Eric
Mwangi, B
Oses, Jean P
Levin, M E
Uchino, Bert N
Twohig, Michael P
Cardoso, T A
Bowen, R
Marchand, William R
Gadad, Bharathi S
May, Heidi T
Kondo, Douglas
Berg, Cynthia A
Reimherr, Frederick
Zhang, Xiangyang
Kavalali, Ege T
Lyoo, I K
Hellem, Tracy
Neikrug, A B
Carlson, Paul J
Fauth, Elizabeth
Sung, Young-Hoon
Yoon, Sujung
Renshaw, Keith
Wetter, David W
Hughes, Jennifer
Dunn, Jeff
Kim, Tae-Suk
Hess, Rick
--Omitted 492 lower-scoring
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