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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ Atlanta
Based on 911 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, M Thase is the top-rated expert in Depression in Atlanta.


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US Eastern Zone
Emory University
Centers for Disease Control Atlanta
American Cancer Society
Georgia State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Atlanta
Georgia Institute of Technology
Morehouse University
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Shepherd Center
Piedmont Atlanta Hospital
Thase, M
Nemeroff, C
Mayberg, H
Binder, E B
Nestler, E J
Raison, C L
Brent, D A
Dunlop, B W
Miller, A H
Garber, Judy
McDonald, W
Holtzheimer, P
Goodman, Sherryl
Vaccarino, V
Craighead, W Edward
Brennan, P A
Khan, Arif
Felger, J
Treadway, M T
Lamis, D
Ressler, K
Rapaport, M H
Newport, D J
Kohrt, B A
Li, Yan
Klengel, T
Kelley, M E
Heim, Christine
Stowe, Z
Pace, T
Riva-Posse, P
Baldwin, R
Haroon, E
Druss, Benjamin G
Brody, Gene
Bradley, Bekh
Caporino, Nicole
Neigh, G N
Cannady, R S
Harvey, Philip D
Diclemente, R
Bremner, J D
Woolwine, B J
Miller, Andrew
Garlow, S J
Smith, Alicia
Lewis, Tené T
Farr, Sherry L
Collado, Anahí
Filkowski, Megan M
Sambunaris, Angelo
Rothbaum, Barbara
Dunbar, S
Gross, R E
Diler, Rasim
Greenblatt, Amy
Pan, L A
Hall, Kelli Stidham
Corwin, E J
Chen, Li
Lash, T L
Schettler, P
Tully, Erin
Liu, Yuan
Windle, Michael
Compton, Michael T
--Omitted 852 lower-scoring
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