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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ Montreal
Based on 1,024 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, B Thombs is the top-rated expert in Depression in Montreal.


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McGill University
Universite de Montreal
Miscellaneous institutions in Montreal
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
CHU Sainte Justine
Montreal Neurological Institute
Douglas Hospital
Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal
St. Mary's Hospital Center
Montreal Heart Institute
Montreal General Hospital
Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal
Montreal Children's Hospital
Hopital Notre-Dame
CHU Montreal
Hopital Riviere-des-Prairies
Philippe Pinel Research Center of Montreal
Thombs, B
Berlim, M
Turecki, G
Blier, P
Fleck, M P
Aan Het Rot, M
Van den Eynde, F
Schmitz, N
McGirr, A
Lavoie, K
Frasure-Smith, Nancy
Auerbach, R
Frey, B
Jaworska, Natalia
Lespérance, François
Abela, J R Z
Labonte, B
Belzeaux, R
Gariepy, G
Bagot, Rosemary
Gobbi, Gabriella
Gunn, J M
Bacon, S
Fiori, L M
Bambico, Francis
Mechawar, N
Booij, L
Ismail, Zahinoor
Cole, Martin
Richard-Devantoy, S
Young, Simon
Chen, Gang
Moullec, G
Gordon, J L
Tremblay, Richard E
Mamdani, F
Jollant, F
Sullivan, M J L
Lopez, J P
McCusker, Jane
Yalcin, Ipek
Tanti, A
Deschênes, S
Vasiliadis, H-M
Roseman, Michelle
Kloda, Lorie A
Ryder, Andrew G
Meaney, M
Chachamovich, E
Brendgen, Mara
Lambert, Sylvie
Macmaster, Frank P
Mantere, O
Anacker, C
Heath, Andrew C
Delisle, Vanessa C
Burns, R J
Vitaro, Frank
Looper, Karl
Levis, Brooke
--Omitted 985 lower-scoring
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