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Expertise in Depression: HELP
@ Providence
Based on 739 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Mark Zimmerman is the top-rated expert in Depression in Providence.


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US Eastern Zone
New England
Rhode Island
Brown University
Rhode Island Hospital
Butler Hospital Providence
Providence VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Providence
University of Rhode Island
Zimmerman, Mark
Carpenter, L L
Liu, R T
Walsh, Emily
Philip, N S
Lorenzo-Luaces, L
Spirito, Anthony
McGeary, John
Sockol, Laura E
Keller, M B
Contractor, Ateka
Mimiaga, Matthew
Tyrka, A R
Dalrymple, Kristy
Battle, Cynthia
Pearlstein, Teri
Rosenstein, Lia
Uebelacker, L
Clark, Heather
Chelminski, Iwona
Zlotnick, Caron
Friedman, Michael
Miller, I W
Sharkey, K M
LaFrance, W C
Zahodne, Laura
Attiullah, Naureen
Price, L H
Almeida, J R C
Boerescu, Daniela A
Goldschmidt, A B
Friedman, J H
Wang, Yi
Martinez, Jennifer H
Bengtson, A
Stein, Michael
Strong, D
Stout, Robert
Brown, Walter A
Becker, Sara
Johnson, Jennifer E
Parent, Justin
Carey, Michael P
Busch, A M
Burke, Taylor
Harrington, M
Levin, M E
Knopik, Valerie S
Wenze, Susan J
Buka, S
Lester, Barry
Carey, Kate B
Cohen, R A
Gaudiano, B
Dunsiger, Shira
Wing, Rena R
Rudolph, Julia
Tremont, G
Abrantes, A
Papandonatos, George D
Young, Diane
Stone, Lindsey B
Weisberg, R
Cunningham, Rebecca
Toba, Cristina
Weinstock, L M
--Omitted 593 lower-scoring
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