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Expertise in Diabetes Mellitus: HELP
@ Argentina
Based on 244 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, A Jawerbaum is the top-rated expert in Diabetes Mellitus in Argentina.


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Latin America
Buenos Aires
Miscellaneous cities in Argentina
Miscellaneous institutions in Buenos Aires
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Hospital de Enfermedades Infecciosas Francisco J. Muniz
Jawerbaum, A
Gagliardino, J J
Elgart, J
Arias, Pablo
Perez Manghi, F
Diaz, Rafael
White, V
Capobianco, E
Guerra, Luciano L
Trabucchi, Aldana
Maffei, L
Dorfman, Damián
Rodriguez, A E
Faccinetti, Natalia I
Sánchez, Ramiro
Burghi, V
Iacono, Ruben F
Litwak, L
Rosenstein, Ruth E
Fernández Landó, L
Poskus, E
Kurtz, M
Dominici, F P
Sinay, Isaac
Irazola, Vilma
Rubinstein, Adolfo
Valdez, Silvina
Martínez, Nora
Caporale, J E
Fernandez, Diego C
Higa, R
Gonzalez, Lorena
Giani, Jorge F
Nogueira, Juan P
Wray, S
Rodriguez, Patricia
Salido, Ezequiel M
Pelayes, D
Fornes, Daiana
Honoré, S M
Muñoz, M C
Linetzky, Bruno
Chianelli, Mónica
Lasave, Andres F
Brown, Jonathan B
Frechtel, Gustavo
Aranda, Marcos
Gutierrez, Laura
Mazza, Carmen
Habib, N C
Rucci, E
Genta, S B
Colmegna, P
Farias, Javier
Sánchez, S S
Bendersky, Mario
Sánchez Peña, R S
Prestes, Mariana
Díaz-Gerevini, G T
Rivelli, Juan F
--Omitted 451 lower-scoring
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