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Expertise in Diabetes Mellitus: HELP
@ British Columbia
Based on 400 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Ying Wang is the top-rated expert in Diabetes Mellitus in British Columbia.


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British Columbia
Miscellaneous cities in British Columbia
Prince George
University of British Columbia
Miscellaneous institutions in Vancouver
St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver General Hospital
Simon Fraser University
University of Victoria
University of Northern British Columbia
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Miscellaneous institutions in Victoria
British Columbia Cancer Agency
Wang, Ying
Wang, Fang
Salas-Salvadó, J
Cho, Y M
Zhang, Yun
Kieffer, T J
Wan, Andrea
Guasch-Ferré, Marta
Rodrigues, Brian
Yang, Y
Meneilly, G
Tang, T S
Richardson, S J
Choi, Hyon
Wang, Hong
Bruin, Jennifer E
Clement, Mathew
Dawson, Keith G
Tudurí, Eva
Maberley, David
Warnock, G
Johnson, J D
Tildesley, Hugh D
Mancini, G B J
Little, J P
Verchere, C B
Mojibian, Majid
Fujita, Yukihiro
Xu, Jing
Wong, Evelyn
Joseph, K
Brown, C E
Puthanveetil, Prasanth
Levings, Megan K
Wang, Josh
Elley, C R
Khan, Nadia
Zhang, Dahai
Amed, Shazhan
Westwell-Roper, C
Vlodavsky, Israel
Montane, J
Paty, Breay
Castle, David
Asadi, Ali
Wang, Xiaojie
Ehses, Jan A
Chen, Yi-Chun
Sharma, Arpeeta
Panagiotopoulos, C
Lear, Scott
Denroche, H C
Levin, Adeera
Lacroix, Isabelle M E
Sohal, P
Sarrafzadegan, N
Pesenacker, Anne M
Thompson, David
Chiu, Amy Pei-Ling
Li-Chan, Eunice C Y
--Omitted 568 lower-scoring
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